• Universal Lawnmower Gates, Eggbox Battery Charger

    Not Specified Logo | Ref: WP0517

    Universal Lawnmower Battery Charger (Gates / Eggbox Type)

    * 12v
    * 100ma
    * Has the common bullet/socket type connector found on many lawnmower batteries.
    * Euro plug, supplied with UK adaptor.
    Total Magic Price: 15.98


  • Garden Power Universal Battery Charger

    Not Specified Logo | Ref: EG250-2406

    This is a universal 6v / 12v battery charger, suitable for lead acid and GEL type batteries. Ideal for garden tractors.

    * 6 or 12v
    * Includes crocodile clips
    * Suitable for lawn tractors
    Total Magic Price: 37.74


  • Flymo Multitrim CT250 D/X Spare Battery Charger

    Flymo Logo | Ref: FL5138304-00/0

    This is a Replacement Charging unit to fit the FLYMO range of cordless strimmers
    Total Magic Price: 34.24


  • Qualcast Battery Charger for Concorde, Cobra F016L63305

    Qualcast Logo | Ref: BQF016L63305

    Qualcast - Battery Charger for Concorde / Cobra. May fit others - check the spec and image.
    * 12v DC
    * 300 mA
    * Type FW 1299
    * Made in Germany by Bosch
    * Genuine spare part with two-prong connector end.
    Total Magic Price: 69.60


  • Atco Battery Charger for Electric Start Mowers

    Not Specified Logo | Ref: BQF016L37612

    For Admiral, Balmoral, Commodore, Ensign, Viscount, Qualcast Punch, Qualcast Turbo.
    Note it will not fit the ride on mowers.
    Please call if in doubt.
    Total Magic Price: 42.00


  • Mountfield, Castel CB01 Battery Charger 70mA 16W

    Mountfield Logo | Ref: 182180091/0

    CASTEL CB01 Battery Charger for CT12.5/72H

    * Also for Mountfield 1436H
    * UK Plug
    * Status lamps
    * Socket connectors and crocodile clips
    * For lead acid batteries, 12v max 20Ah
    * 230c ~ 50Hz
    * 70 mA
    * 16w
    * sec: 13,6-14.4v 600mA
    * Model CB01

    * Part was 82180052/0
    Total Magic Price: 74.54