HANDY Electric Horizontal Log Splitter + STAND 2200w 6-Ton

HANDY Electric Log Splitter + STAND 2200w / 6-Ton
Ref: THLS-6-PLUS       Brand: Handy      49.5
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This machine comes complete with the stand. Put the axe away - this is what you need - an electric Log Splitter. Think about it, no more hard work with that dangerous axe - now you can take is easy and let the Handy Log Splitter take the strain.

This machine is a real workhorse, and is a real boom for both professional or home user alike. This machine turns logging from a dangerous chore into a safe, easy automatic operation. The Handy Log Splitter has a fast and quiet operation, It can split all types of log - including seasoned and green wood. This means you can prepare, dry out and store logs at anytime of the year.

The Handy Log Splitter is a well made, but offers incredible value. The streamlined, maintenance-free steel construction incorporates a self lubricating hydraulic ram with automatic return designed for safe two handed operation.

Special Features:
* Complete with stand
* Large transport wheels
* For safety, machine has a two handed operation
* Auto return
* Splits green and hard woods
* Can handle up to 100 logs per hour
* Carrying handle & wheels for easy moving

* 2200w mains power operation
* Ram pressure force of 6 tons
* Max log size 52cm (21") long x 25cm (10") dia
* 3 metre cable
* Overall size: 106 x 26 x 47 cm
* Weight 45kg
* Twelve month warranty
December 2008, Mr Cummings writes: I just thought you might like some early reactions to the Handy Log Splitter:

1. Quite awesome power! The Handy Splitter takes on anything I can lift onto the machine without even hesitating. I am mainly splitting ash, poplar and willow - some new and some old stored logs, and up to 15" or more in diameter. The only limitation is really on the shortness of the logs - the ram stops some 6" short of the anvil, so it is best on logs a foot or more long.

2. It certainly needs mounting on a strong bench - I made one up from old sleepers, and it is pretty firm. There are, however, no obvious ways of bolting it down, as suggested in one of the introductory comments, so I have surrounded the legs with small battens to stop it moving.

3. A nice addition would be an adjustable (removable) back-stop to the ram, so that it does not always return completely after splitting. This would speed up the action significantly with shorter logs.

4. My only minor criticism is that the black metal log supports on either side of the ram are not up to the job - they can easily be bent by hand, and don't really go far enough forward to support shorter logs. I shall probably try to beef them up with stronger brackets.

5 All in all - a fantastic buy, with unmatched service behind it!

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