Robomow RS625 Pro X Robotic Lawnmower + Install Kit

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Robomow RS625 Pro X Robotic Lawnmower + Install Kit includes the battery and charger.
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Robomow RS625 Pro X Robotic Lawnmower + Install Kit
Robomow RS625 Pro X Robotic Lawnmower + Install Kit
Robomow RS625 Pro X Robotic Lawnmower + Install Kit
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Product Info

Robomow RS625 Pro X Robotic Lawnmower + Install Kit

The Premium Robomow RC and RS models are the top of the range line of Robomow and offer the very latest in mowing performance and unrivaled quality for the ultimate lawn mowing solution. The premium features of the RC and RS models offer the best lawn coverage and performance of any Robomow and is designed to maximise the use of all the advanced features to give your garden the best care possible.

Robomow RS625 Robotic Lawnmower Special Features:
* Turbo Mow: Feature for faster and more powerful mowing of high grass at first cut of the season.
* SmartMow: Robomow's unique software feature provides more effective manoeuvrability and seamless navigation, as the mower plans the next turn in advance without having to stop at the perimeter wire. This makes Robomow faster, more efficient and increase motor lifespan.
* Full multi-zone support on all models
* Mobile App: Step by Step Guided Installation via the App for simple set-up and friendly user experance.
* Enhanced Customer Support with remote service connection and disgnostics.
* 2 Year Warranty on all models

What does the Robomow Premium range include:
o Highest quality materials with a premium finish
o Largest lawn coverage and mowing performance
o Full UK based aftersales service including:
o UK customer advice helpline
o UK based technicians for technical advice
o Full machine servicing and repair service at our UK workshop
o Complete parts availability and fitting advice
o Free, unrestricted use of the Robomow app including remote control functionality

Robomow App for Roboric Mowers

A mower that is robust and agile enough to handle even the most complex of large lawns, the Premium Robomow RS625 comes complete with the full range of superior features and specifications built-in. Unique to the RS range, the counter-balanced fully floating deck allows the RS to follow the contours of your garden to leave an even cut and keep your lawn looking pristine, a feature usually only seen on premium lawn tractors. Designed to keep sprawling lawns of 0-2500 m2 in tip-top condition, the Robomow RS625's heavy duty motors and twin edged tri-blades will ensure that no matter how large your lawn, it'll always look its very best, year in, year out. The RS625 comes with Bluetooth connectivity built in which allows you to manage your Robomow even easier from the free Robomow app.

Complete with its powerful motors and twin edged reversible tri-blades you can rely on the RS625 to fully maintain your lawn leaving you time to enjoy it. With the built in Bluetooth connectivity you can now manage Robomow even easier via the free Robomow app.

Robomow RS625 Key Features:
* Wire Signal Improvements: The wire signal is more intelligent to help reduce the possibility of the robot crossing outside of the perimeter wire and helps to increase its location accuracy in more complicated lawns.

* Mowing Motors: The motors that drive the blades are now more sophisticated, equipped with temperature and load sensors to protect them under heavy strain. In the event of the motors over heating, the robot will pause to allow them to cool before resuming operation and dramatically extends their service life.The motors have also been significantly improved to reduce the operating noise against previous Robomow versions. The machine is equipped with an 'ECO' mode which will automatically adjust the motor power according to the level of grass growth. This can reduce noise by up to 50%.

* Drive Motors: The motors that drive the wheels are now using planetary gears (see gearbox) with temperature sensors to prevent them from over heating under strain. In the event of the motors over heating, the robot will pause to allow them to cool before resuming operation.

* User Display: The manual controller LCD is now illuminated making it much easier to read and is much better protected against the harsh UK weather and direct sunlight. All Robomow settings are also accessible from the free Robomow app (see Robomow App).

* Batteries: All the batteries use the latest Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology which offers much greater performance over standard Lithium Ion batteries and even greater still over previous Robomow version.

* Gearbox: The drive is run by a new 'planetary' gearbox with sealed bearings rather than using nylon bushes as with previous models to reduce the level of operating noise and extend the life of the gearbox. The key advantages to using planetary gears include:
o Increased strength
o Smaller and more compact in size
o Quieter operating noise level
o Easier to service and maintain
o Cooler operating temperature to extend service life

* Anti-slip Sensor: The front wheel is now fitted with an anti-slip sensor allowing the robot to react faster if it gets stuck and reduce the chance of the drive wheels loosing traction.

* Robomow App: The new Robomow app provides a user friendly interface to the management and setup of the robot as well as helpful operating guides and product advise. The app also allows you to change all functions of the robot easily without being at the machine and even includes a free remote control function for easy manual mowing and for navigating the robot between gardens.

Robomow RS625 Specification:
* Max Recommended Lawn Size: 2500m2
* Cutting width: 56cm
* Cutting Height 22 - 80mm
* Mowing Power 400w
* Noise Level: 72dB (74dB guaranteed)
* Battery: 26v Lithium (LiFePO4)
* Battery capacity: 4.5Ah
* Power Consumption 19KWh/month
* Slopes 33% (18 deg)
* Sub Zones: 4
* Anti Theft: Yes
* Rain Sensor: Yes
* Bluetooth: Built-In BLE
* App: Free App for iPhone IOS and Android
* Product Dimensions 73.5 x 66 x 31 cm
* Package dimensions 96 x 70 x 38 cm
* Product Weight 20kg
* Package Weight 36kg
* Comes with 450 pegs and 350m wire
* Warranty 3 Years

Find out which Robomow is best for you. Use this simple tool to find out your lawn size:

About the Robomow App:
Requires iOS 8.0 or higher.
iPhone (7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6, SE, 5s, 5c, 5 & 4s)
iPad (Air, Mini, 3rd & 4th gen)

Works with most Android devices, which support Bluetooth® 4.0 (a.k.a. Bluetooth® SMART or BLE) standard.
Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S6 edge, S7, S7 edge
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (from 30/05/2014), Note 3
HTC One X, Nexus 5, Nexus 6 LG G2/3, G4
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Product Type: Lawnmower, Power: Battery, Rating: 26v , Mower Type: Robotic, Size of Cut: 54 - 61cm / 22 - 24in, Kit/Bare: Full Kit inc. Battery / Charger


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