AL-KO Robolinho 4000 Robotic Lawnmower - 2000m2

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  • AL-KO Robolinho 4000 Robotic Lawnmower - 2000m2 Designed in UK - Engineered in Germany - Made in Austria
AL-KO Robolinho 4000 Robotic Lawnmower - 2000m2
AL-KO Robolinho 4000 Robotic Lawnmower - 2000m2 Designed in UK - Engineered in Germany - Made in Austria

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AL-KO Robolinho 4000 Robotic Lawnmower - 2000m2

From AL-KO, the Robolinho® 4000 with its double-blade system mows lawns up to 1,200 m2 without you having to lift a finger. The standard equipment also includes a rain sensor and programmable start points.

Robolinho® automatic lawnmowers not only mow your lawn completely automatically and reliably – they also offer a highly dynamic design and quiet operation. The result is a perfectly cared-for lawn, and a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in your own garden.

Developed by expert engineers in Germany and carefully manufactured at a production facility in Austria, Robolinho® automatic lawnmowers are true quality products from AL-KO.

Easy Setup
The clear, easy-to-read display lets you know the current operating status. Just a few button presses are all it takes to set the required mowing time.

Home Sweet Home
The return function brings the automatic lawnmower automatically back home to its charging station at the press of a button.

Totally Weatherproof
Mowing when its raining? No problem. Stopping when its raining? No problem either. Thanks to the built-in rain sensor, the choice is yours: carry on or wait until the sun comes out.

A Clean Solution
The double mulching blade system reduces grass build-up in the deck, provides a perfect cut and saves the trouble of disposing of grass clippings.

Safe In All Positions
Thanks to the integrated sensor technology, obstacles and larger objects are automatically detected on contact, and avoided. If the automatic lawnmower is lifted up, the blade system switches off in a matter of seconds.

Fully Charged
If their battery charge declines, Robolinho® automatic lawnmowers automatically return to their base station and recharge. Quick charging without memory effect as well as a long service life from the powerful battery pack, thanks to lithium-ion technology.

Autonomous Working
The clearly laid-out control panel makes programming of Robolinho® automatic lawnmowers simple. Simply enter the required times when the automatic lawnmower should operate, and leave it to work.

High Grip Tread
Powerful traction as standard: Rubberised wheels provide powerful traction, good ground adhesion and the ability to tackle slopes up to 35%.

Specification for AL-KO Robolinho 4000 Robotic Lawnmower - 2000m2
* Work Area: max. 2,000 m2
* Cutting Width: 32cm
* Mowing Time: up to 180 min
* Charging Time: up to 170 min
* Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 625 x 540 x 295
* Cutting Height Adjustment: 30-60mm, electric
* Battery Capacity: 4.4 Ah
* Battery Power: 25.2 V
* Noise Level: max. 65 dB (A)
* Loop Cable Included: 200 m
* Rain Sensor: Yes
* Selectable Entry Points: Yes
* Operation on 2nd Lawn: Optionally with 2nd base station
* Homeowner Warranty: 2 Year
Barcode / EAN: 4003718352016

Product Type: Lawnmower, Power: Battery, Rating: 24v , Mower Type: Robotic, Size of Cut: 28 - 34cm / 11 - 13in, Kit/Bare: Full Kit inc. Battery / Charger