• Hayter Trade-In Amnesty

    Hayter Trade-In Amnesty


    No matter how woeful (it doesn’t even have to be working)!

    With the Hayter Old Mower Amnesty, there’s never been a better time to upgrade a woeful old lawnmower to a wonderful new Hayter. Simply bring in your old mower to Mower Magic - An Authorised Hayter Dealer, and we’ll offer you up to £100* off selected Hayter lawnmowers.

    *Part exchange value varies by mower type purchased, see table below (terms and conditions apply)


    Each Hayter lawnmower in the promotion has an associated part-exchange value (the mowers included are shown in the table below). Take a look at our range, or talk to us to decide which Hayter model is right for you. To take advantage of the offer, simply bring your old lawnmower to us here at Mower Magic, complete a short form and the part-exchange value will be deducted from the retail price when you purchase.

    But don’t delay, the promotion ends on 30th June 2017


    Once you have made your mower choice, if you have a petrol mower to part exchange, just bring it with you to us here at Mower Magic and we will arrange the part-exchange there and then.

    If you have an electric mower, you don’t even have to bring it in, simply make a note of the make and model number, take a photo on your phone/camera and show that to us instead.
  • Part Exchange Values

    Model & Description
    ( Inc. VAT)
    Part-Exchange Value Offered
     ( incl VAT)
    CODE617J Spirit 41 - Push  395 25
    CODE619J Spirit 41 - AD   495 25
    CODE410H** Harrier 41 - Push  559 50
    CODE413H** Harrier 41 AD, VS  699 50
    CODE412H** Harrier 41 AD, VS, ES  799 50
    CODE374A Harrier 41 - Push  589 50
    CODE375A Harrier 41 AD, VS  735 50
    CODE376A Harrier 41 AD, VS, ES InStart  835 50
    CODE379A Harrier 41 Pro  855 50
    CODE490H/J Harrier 48 AD, VS  959 75
    CODE491J Harrier 48 AD, VS, ES InStart  1,059 75
    CODE493H/J Harrier 48  BBC, AD, VS 1,059 75
    CODE496H/J Harrier 48 Pro - AD  1,059 75
    CODE560J Harrier 56 AD, VS  1,199 100
    CODE561J Harrier 56 AD, VS, ES InStart  1,299 100
    CODE563J Harrier 56 BBC, AD, VS  1,299 100
    CODE566H/J Harrier 56 Pro - AD  1,299 100
    CODE448F R53S - AD VS ES  729 50
    CODE449F R53A - AD VS ES  799 50
    CODE110J Scarifier 589 50
  • Part exchange claim form

    Part exchange claim form

    Whatever you’re bringing in for part exchange, why not pre-fill your details on the Form, and make claiming your discount even quicker and easier in-store?

    Click the this text to pre-complete your claim form and save time in store.
  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions

    For the Full Terms and Conditions of the Hayter Lawnmower Amnesty, please Click Here.