Universal Belts

  • Carlisle Super II V-Belt A36

    | Ref: A36

    Carlisle Super II V-Belt A36

    Super II - the Super Problem Solver for classical and FHP applications. Now there's a solution to the constant and costly problem of replacing or re-tensioning ordinary v-belts on really troublesome drives. The secret to the Super II V-Belt is its unique construction. The central position of the polyester cord, full neoprene core, and multiple fabric layers on the top and bottom sides of the belt make this v-belt superior to ordinary wrapped v-belts in every way. When compared to ordinary conventional wrapped v-belts, the Super II v-belt offers a host of advantages for tough industrial v-belt drive applications:

    * Longer v-belt life
    * Greater strength
    * Superior stretch resistance

    * Outside length 38.3 inch
    * Width 1/2" (13mm)
    * Angle 13/32" (9mm)
    * Metric no 13C965
    * Weight 0.2 lbs
    * A36
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    Total Magic Price: 7.80


  • AA105 Universal Belt

    | Ref: WE22869800

    AA105 Belt - Spare Part / Universal
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    Total Magic Price: 41.88