5 Year Warranty

Mower Magic Ltd - Five Year Extended Warranty Scheme

Warranty applies to the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable.

Liability of the manufacturer is limited to the cost of the repair of the faulty item within the warranty period. Repairs or replacements under the warranty do not extend the original period of validity.

If any product is returned under warranty and found to comply with the relevant specification i.e (not faulty), the cost of any testing, and carriage to and from Mower Magic Ltd will be borne by the buyer.

The manufacturer's warranty does not affect the purchaser's statutory rights.

The Mower Magic Ltd extended warranty starts after the expiration of the manufacturer's, Back-to-back, thus taking the total number of years warranty combined to a total maximum of 5 years parts and labour, for normal domestic homeowner use only.

Products used commercially do not qualify for the extended warranty scheme and any claims will not be honoured. Products being used commercially normally carry a 90 day warranty but this will depend of the manufacture and will be detailed in the user manual. The definition of commercial use is a product being used for paid work or a product being used at multiple addresses or work being carried out on behalf of a third party.

Mower Magic Ltd may refer warranty repair work for valid warranty claims to a nominated service agent, typically nearer to the purchaser's home address when possible.

* Customers must produce proof of purchase to initiate a warranty claim.
* On all petrol products the Extended Warranty is dependent on the carrying out of annual Servicing and maintenance, as detailed in the service schedule, of the product owner's manual. Failure to carry out annual maintenance will nullify the warranty.
* Evidence of correct maintenance will be required before any claim for warranty is considered and can be provided in the form of receipts for servicing from a service agent or receipts for the purchase of genuine service parts to meet the requirements for your products service schedule.
* The customer is to ensure that general maintenance e.g. oil check regularly and toped-up if required, blades are replaced/sharpened, drive belts and cables adjusted correctly, tyres are inflated to correct pressure etc.
* Filters and other engine consumable parts replaced in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, the machine is used as intended in accordance with the owner's manual.
* Ethanol shield fuel additive is recommended when using Ethanol blended petrol or the engine manufacturers approved fuel additive to prolong fuel storage life and prevent damage to the fuel system during storage.


The following are excluded from cover:

Products which fail due to the lack of maintenance, operator abuse, misuse, non-compliance with machine or engine manufacturers service recommendations, or machines that have failed due to the fitment of non-genuine parts.

Machines tampered with by any person not authorised by either the manufacturer or Mower Magic Ltd

Machines that have failed due to being incorrectly assembled or adjusted.

Battery failure due to fair wear and tear or deterioration during storage, Customers must follow guidelines within the operators manual i.e. batteries must be fully charged and disconnected during long prolonged periods of non-use (storage) and charged with the appropriate charger again when the machine is re-commissioned.

Damage due to vibration caused by accident damage or neglect, incorrectly fitted blades, damaged or bent blade spindles, bent engine crankshafts, etc.

Damage caused to the fuel system and carburettor due to stale fuel or issues relating to Ethanol blended fuels during storage.

Cleaning of fuel systems, or repairing corrosion to carburettors is not covered by the engine manufacturers warranty or the Mower Magic Ltd extended warranty.

Any damage resulting from the improper use or for a purpose not originally intended by the manufacturer.

Damage caused to bearings, ball joints, spindles and electrical systems due to cleaning with water.

Consumable parts are not covered by the manufacturer's or Mower Magic Ltd warranty include, but is not limited to: blades, blade bosses, Collection Bags, Grass Bags, Vacuum Bags, bearings, belts, recoil ropes, oil-filters, air-filters, spark plugs, cables, oil and lubricants, batteries and tyre punctures.

Carriage costs for transportation either to/from Mower Magic Ltd, or a nominated support agent. (Return to base warranty).