Agri-Fab Towed Broadcast Spreader 38kg 45-0530

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Agri-Fab Towed Broadcast Spreader 38kg 45-0530

The Agri-Fab 45-0530 Towed Broadcast-Spreader has been built to keep performing season-after-season, with its fully enclosed transmission; tubular-steel frame; and rust-proof poly hopper all working to ensure an extended service-life (the poly hopper allows for the use of materials that would corrode metal).

This model also features fully pneumatic tyres, which provide traction and manoeuvrability, while ensuring a smooth ride on rough ground. For convenience, the on/off control can be accessed from the driver’s seat of your lawn tractor.

Thanks to its lightweight design (17lbs), the Agri-Fab 45-0530 is suitable for use with lower-powered ride-on and lawn-tractors.

Features Agri-Fab Towed Broadcast Spreader 38kg 45-0530
* Ideal for areas of around half-an-acre
* Suitable for seeding and the application of salt and fertilisers
* Fully enclosed gearbox for a longer working life
* Solid build-quality, including a tubular-steel frame and a rust-proof hopper

* Fully pneumatic tyres ensure the spreader runs smoothly over the ground
* Spreader Type Broadcast, Tow-behind
* Towing Mechanism Hitchpin and Hole
* Hopper Capacity 85lbs / 38kg
* Hopper Construction Poly
* Spreading Width 2.5 - 3m
* Coverage Per Fill (Max.) 1300m2
* Flow Rate Control Yes
* Gearing Fully Enclosed
* Axle 13mm
* Wheels 250mm x 100mm - with Pneumatic Tyres
* Weight 8.2kg

Ideal for Spreading Pellet Fertilisers, Granular Fertilisers, Granular Herbicides, Seeds.

Also Suitable for Spreading Ice Melt, Rock Salt
Barcode / EAN: 0802468428132
Agri-Fab Towed Broadcast Spreader 38kg  45-0530 from Mower Magic

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