Agri-Fab 44in Towed Lawn Leaf Sweeper 45-0492

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Agri-Fab 44in Towed Lawn Leaf Sweeper 45-0492

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Agri-Fab 44in Towed Lawn Leaf Sweeper 45-0492

The Agri-Fab 45-0492 44 inch Towed Leaf-Sweeper is fast and efficient performer over very large areas . It will get the job done 24-percent quicker than a 38 inch model. It’s supplied with a huge debris-bag (25 cu. ft.), which keeps emptying-stops to a minimum and can be collapsed to save space in the storage area.

The bag can be emptied from the seat of your tractor. Another key benefit of the Agri-Fab 45-0492 is its offset hitch, which allows you to simultaneously cut and sweep, while also making it easier to work alongside obstacles. Flexibility of use is further enhanced thanks to an adjustable brush-height, which is quick-and-easy to set using a single button. This unit is compatible with all brands of lawn-tractor and ride-on mower.

The result of extensive consumer research, the Agri-Fab 45-0492 is free of many of the flaws common in other towed sweepers. Many such units have an annoying tendency to ‘skip’ while in operation, causing some debris to be left behind not so this model. Agri-Fab have addressed the problem, so you can be sure of comprehensive pick-up on the first pass, with no need for a second run.

* No-skip design ensures comprehensive pick-up on the first pass
* 44-inch sweep-width for the fast coverage of very large areas
* Comes with a very large-capacity debris collector for fewer stops
* Debris bag can be easily removed and collapsed for storage
* Offset hitch expands the range of uses
* Exclusive one-button height adjustment
* Ergonomic dumping-lever
* Performs 24% faster than a 38inch model
* Supplied with a universal link-pin

* Sweeper Type Towed
* Towing Mechanism Hitchpin and Hole
* Sweeping Width 112cm (44")
* Brush Diameter 25cm
* Hopper Capacity 710 Litres
* Height Adjustment Yes - Single Lever Adjustment
* Housing Stamped Steel
* Wheels 25.5cm x 44.5cm
* Surface Types Lawns and Hard Surfaces
* Suitable for Areas Up To 8000 m2
* Dimensions (HxWxL) 132cm x 140cm x 198cm
* Weight 41kg
* Warranty 3 Years
Barcode / EAN: 0052613103630
Agri-Fab 44in Towed Lawn Leaf Sweeper 45-0492 from Mower Magic

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