Ambrogio L400i B Robotic Lawnmower- Up to 10,000m2

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Ambrogio L400i B Robotic Lawnmower- Up to 10,000m2 includes the battery and charger.
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Ambrogio L400i B Robotic Lawnmower- Up to 10,000m2

The Ambrogio L400 is a powerful robot with an attractive design typical of Italian products, which can manage gardens up to 10.000 m², even those with multiple separate areas. The care and maintenance of very large areas, such as airfields, golf courses, football fields and parks becomes easy with Ambrogio L400. The advanced cutting and navigation systems guarantee covering the area in the shortest time possible, without leaving out any area and with centimetre-level precision. The latest ZCS Connect module allows you to connect and interact with Ambrogio any time and everywhere.

Designed to cover large areas faster than any other robot in our range, the L400 series features a three blade cutting system and high capacity lithium-ion batteries to give wide mowing and long operating times. Each of the solid stainless steel cutting blades are mounted within independantly floating cutter arms so the blades can follow the contours of the ground.

Featuring the latest 4.0 electronics and ZCS connect modules, the L400's are fully GPS integrated with smart navigation and tracking. Unique wide conical grip wheels are ribbed with a semi-flexible toughened plastic allowing the grip to adapt to the ground.

Sports Pitches
With a super wide cut, the L400 needs to spend significantly less time than other models on a pitch to keep it maintained, allowing the pitch to be used for what is was designed for. Regular cutting and mulching keeps the turf in top condition.

Municiple Areas and Private Grounds
With the mowing automated, grounds care staff have more time to tend to other tasks. Sharing all the same safety and tracking features as the other PROline models, these mowers can be left to get on with their job.

Regular autonomous cutting keeps airstrips maintained so they are always ready to use. The contoured cut means you can see exactly what your wheels are touching down on.

Features of Ambrogio L400 Robotic Lawnmower:
* Latest generation motherboard
* ZCS connect
* High efficiency brushless motors
* Manage up to 8 separate areas
* Touch display
* Powerful lithium-ion batteries
* Lightweight and robust carbon casing
* Floating cutter arms
* Bluetooth & gsm
* Slopes up to 45%
* Smart partition gps cutting system

Specifications of Ambrogio L400:
* Max suggested (-20%) 10000
* Motor type Brushless
* Lithium-Ion Battery (25,9V) 2X15Ah
* Max allowable slope (%) 45%
* Max Slope (%) 35%
* Slope on the edge or perimeter wire (%) 20%
* Average Working Time 06:00 hours
* Recharge mode Contact

Cutting System
* Blade Type 3 x Solid Stainless Steel (4 Edged)
* Cutting Width <Actinic:Variable Name = 'cm'/> 84
* Cutting Height (min-max) 25 - 85 mm
* Spiral Cutting Yes
* Smart Partitions Zoning Yes
* Cut Predeterminated Path No
* Eco Mode Yes
* Rain sensor Yes
* Maximum managed areas 8

* Navigation Type GPS Enhanced
* Compass System Yes
* Connect Module (GPS, GSM) - 1 Yes

Control Devices
* User Interface Touchscreen Display
* App Control Bluetooth-GSM
* Bluetooth receiver Yes

* Lifting/Tip-over sensor Yes
* Push/Stop emergency Button Yes
* PIN Code PIN & Geofence

Standard Equipment For Installation
* Perimeter Wire Length (m) 0
* Fixing Pegs 100
* Charging Station Yes
* Recharging Station Cover Optional

* Weight with Batteries Incl. (Kg) 45
* Robot Size (lxwxh) 1200x970x380 mm
* Wheel Profile Patented Conical
* Power Sound [dB(A)] 75-65
* Level of Protection IP21

Barcode / EAN: 8033866937878

Ambrogio Garden Machinery from Mower Magic

Zucchetti Ambrogio - Designed and Built in Italy from Mower Magic

As part of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, a specialist in industrial robotics and renewable energy technology, Ambrogio focuses on developing, not just technologies for robot lawn mowers for now, but innovating to continually create the next generation of autonomous lawn care solutions.

All Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers are innovated, designed and developed in Italy, utilising the latest technologies to make all platforms more efficient than ever before; both to reduce the time they spend mowing, and to reduce their environmental impact.

With decades of development in robotic lawn mowing, Ambrogios high performance mowers have many unique and patented features that enable them to give an immaculate cut in the least time possible, so you lawn can be enjoyed for longer.

The diverse range of mowers on offer from Ambrogio means there is a robot for almost any lawn size and type. Across the range you will find the latest electronics, connectivity, hardware developments, navigation technology and algorithms to maximise the mowers performance and make integration into your home seamless.

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