Agealube BIO Hedge Trimmer Spray 400ml

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Agealube BIO Hedge Trimmer Spray 400ml

Sharp and lubricated blades lead to better performance and fuel comsumption or battery life. Completely biodegradable lubricant and resin solvent one.
The BIO Hedgetrimmer Spray 400ml Lubricates the blades of the hedge trimmer, removing resin deposits, and protects it from the action of acids and prevents corrosion. Quickly biodegradable. Also suitable for other tools.

Tips for use:
Regularly apply the spray while using the hedgetrimmer,depending on the type of the work and the resin deposits. After finishing the work apply 2 or 3 layers of the spray and let them soak in for a while. When the hedgetrimmer is out of usage for a long time apply the spray again after a few weeks.

* 400ml Can