Base Station Kit for Ambrogio L250 Models 5Ah PSU

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Base Station Kit for Ambrogio L250 Models 5Ah PSU

Ambrogio Accessory base station Kit for Ambrogio L250 Robots

This accessory Can be used to install the robot on an additional lawn area where it is not practical to connect the perimeter wire to the main base station.

Slower Charging on some models ( Supplied with 5Ah Power supply only)

This base station is supplied with an entry level power supply, it should not be used on areas larger than 50% of the Robots rated capacity.
This base station should not be used to replace the original base station supplied with the robot because the power supply rating may be lower than the one supplied with the robot and charging times will be much slower.

Ambrogio Garden Machinery from Mower Magic

Zucchetti Ambrogio - Designed and Built in Italy from Mower Magic

As part of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, a specialist in industrial robotics and renewable energy technology, Ambrogio focuses on developing, not just technologies for robot lawn mowers for now, but innovating to continually create the next generation of autonomous lawn care solutions.

All Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers are innovated, designed and developed in Italy, utilising the latest technologies to make all platforms more efficient than ever before; both to reduce the time they spend mowing, and to reduce their environmental impact.

With decades of development in robotic lawn mowing, Ambrogios high performance mowers have many unique and patented features that enable them to give an immaculate cut in the least time possible, so you lawn can be enjoyed for longer.

The diverse range of mowers on offer from Ambrogio means there is a robot for almost any lawn size and type. Across the range you will find the latest electronics, connectivity, hardware developments, navigation technology and algorithms to maximise the mowers performance and make integration into your home seamless.

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