Belle PCLX320 Plate Compactor - Honda - 5 Year Warranty

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Belle PCLX320 Plate Compactor - Honda - Complete with 5 Year Warranty

Important Information This item is currently on backorder. You may still order but there may be a delay.

From Belle, the PCLX320 plate compactor is a serious contender. A lightweight professional compaction plate with Low Hand-Arm Vibration and High performance compaction. The PCLX is designed for contracting and rental use. Easy to use and a great performer, the PCLX320 does not dig-in if pulled backwards or turned

Special Features Belle PCLX 320 Plate Compactor - Honda:
* 8 hour+ safe usage time
* Lightweight yet durable for easy transport
* Fitted with numerous manual handling points
* High power 11kN vibration force
* Improved productivity with fast travel speeds
* Branded and HAUC Versions available
* Part No LC3201
* Standard Plate width: 320mm
* Plate Length: 417mm
* Engine Power: 3HP
* Weight: 61.5kg
* Static Pressure: 460kg/m²
* Centrifugal Force: 13kN
* Travel Speed: 21.2m/min
* Vibration level: 3.25m/sec²
* 1 Year Warranty

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Belle PCLX320 Plate Compactor - Honda has a 5 Year Warranty

Belle PCLX320 Plate Compactor - Honda has an exclusive Mower Magic 5-Year Warranty, supplied to you free of charge. To read more about this exclusive warranty, please click here.

Belle PCLX320 Plate Compactor - Honda from Mower Magic

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