Bosch AQT42-13 Electric Pressure Washer - 1900w / 130 Bar 0.600.8A7.370

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Bosch AQT42-13 Electric Pressure Washer - 1900w / 130 Bar 0.600.8A7.370

The AQT 42-13 high-pressure washer provides home users with the cleaning power they need to tackle tougher cleaning jobs around the house and much more besides. The AQT 42-13 uses a heavy-duty 1900 W motor that can be easily connected to water tanks or mains to release a powerful jet of water that scrapes even the most stubborn dirt off surfaces. The wide range of accessories available for the AQT 42-13 high-pressure washer makes it easy to adapt this tool to the specific needs of the next cleaning job.

The AQT 42-13 high-pressure washer is designed to deliver an outstanding cleaning performance at every use. This powerful high-pressure washer effortlessly removes any dirt in your path, allowing you to blast your way through any kind of grime and mud thanks to its specialist accessories and smart functions. The AQT 42-13 high-pressure washer turns even the most tiresome cleaning job into an enjoyable and satisfying experience, while saving you time and effort with its easy setup, efficient energy use and flexibility.

The AQT 42-13 high-pressure washer by Bosch is an expert-level tool that handles all basic outdoor cleaning tasks with speed, efficiency and sparkling results. This high-pressure washer is designed to remove even the toughest dirt by delivering maximum cleaning power thanks to its heavy-duty motor and specialist nozzles. With its sturdy, compact design, the AQT 42-13 high-pressure washer is very practical to use and can withstand even the most challenging cleaning conditions. The washer is easy to set up and can be combined with a variety of accessories. This machine is ready to use out of the box and requires no time consuming user assembly. It can also be used with water tanks as well as the mains water supply.

The Bosch AQT 42-13 is an Expert level machine with more power for users with larger or dirtier tasks. The AQT 42-13 generates a maximum pressure of 130 bar thanks to its 1900 W motor, which releases a powerful jet of water flowing at 420 L/h to remove stubborn dirt. It can be used with either a mains water supply or from water tanks and comes with a variety of accessories including specialist roto and fan jet nozzles, deluxe patio cleaner and high pressure detergent system.

With its range of specialist nozzles, the Bosch AQT 42-13 high-pressure washer can tackle any cleaning task around the home. Whether you want to freshen up your patio, wash your 4x4 or clean the gutters, there is an accessory for the AQT 42-13 that will help you achieve the desired effect more quickly and efficiently. This high-pressure washer removes the effort from cleaning jobs and lets you remove heavy dirt deposits with minimal effort.

Key product features
* Powerful and flexible cleaning. The powerful 1900 watt motor and specially coordinated nozzles combine to enable impressively fast and flexible cleaning results
* Equipped with comprehensive special accessories for a wide range of cleaning tasks - giving the user maximum cleaning performance at all times
* The special pump enables the high-pressure washer to take water both from the mains and from an external source

Other product advantages
* Accessory storage for easy, compact handling
* Large, all-terrain wheels and telescopic handle for easy handling
* Immediately ready to use thanks to quick-connect fittings and accessories integrated into the washer

Specification for Bosch AQT42-13 Pressure Washer - 1900W / 130 Bar
* Motor power: 1.900 W
* Max. pressure: 130 bar
* Max. flow rate: 420 l/h
* Max. flow temperature: 40 °C
* Cable length: 5 m
* Hose length: 7 m (PVC)
* Lances: Lance
* Nozzles: High-pressure nozzle for detergents
Barcode / EAN: 3165140781916
Bosch AQT42-13 Electric Pressure Washer - 1900w / 130 Bar    0.600.8A7.370 from Mower Magic

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