Bosch ART35 Electric Grass Trimmer - 600w 0.300.878.M70

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Bosch ART35 Electric Grass Trimmer - 600w 0.300.878.M70

The Bosch ART35 grass trimmer with its stable shaft and protection is tough enough to withstand being dropped on hard surfaces or other forms of careless handling. Easy to handle and light, this transportable grass trimmer offers users ergonomic hand grips for effortless tool guidance. The ideal tool for cutting hard grasses, high grass meadows and even wild corners of a garden, the Bosch ART 35 powers through. Good weight distribution and a shoulder belt make for easy manoeuvring.

Whether taking on a medium or large size garden, this electric grass trimmer will deliver impressive results. Weighing 4.6 kilos, the ART 35 heavy-duty grass trimmer is lightweight and helps with numerous garden chores. With its 35 cm cutting diameter, this tool is ideal for wild overgrowth and tall, stubborn grass. The efficient 600-watt motor delivers high power motor performance, while its line spool cutting system and 8,000 rpm offer an ideal trimming experience.

Easily tackle stubborn and woody overgrowth effortlessly with the powerful Bosch ART 35 heavy-duty grass trimmer. With its powerful motor and stable shaft, cutting through overgrown meadows and tall, hard grass is not a problem. The large cutting diameter and angled drive shaft make this tool ideal for covering a large amount of ground quickly. The robust ART 35 is lightweight, yet durable enough to handle numerous transports or accidental drops onto hard surfaces. Able to handle delicate and tough terrains, this heavy-duty grass trimmer can be used for thorny bushes and tough weeds.

Tough enough to withstand careless handling or being dropped on hard surfaces, the Bosch ART 35 grass trimmer is built with a stable shaft and added protection. Light and transportable, the tool’s ergonomic handles enable effortless guidance. The durable grass trimmer is optimal for cutting high and hard grasses, meadows and wild corners of the garden. An efficient 600 W motor delivers a similar work performance of models with higher power. A shoulder belt and good weight distribution enable flexible manoeuvring.

The Bosch ART 35 heavy-duty grass trimmer is very easy to handle thanks to its good weight distribution. Its adjustable auxiliary handle allows for a comfortable working position, no matter how difficult the terrain. Get the job done with fewer rest periods with the help of its optimal balance and shoulder belt, which allows the weight of the trimmer to be held by the whole body. Built sturdily enough to withstand accidental dropping or careless handling, the lightweight ART 35 can be transported to different locations easily.

Key product features
* Stable shaft and protection: withstands being dropped on hard surfaces and other forms of careless handling
* Light: easy to handle and transport
* Ergonomic hand grips: for effortless tool guidance

Other product advantages
* High motor performance: Efficient motor delivering similar work performance of models with higher power
* Easy to manoeuvre: good weight distribution and shoulder belt

Specification for Bosch ART35 Electric Grass Trimmer - 600W
* Motor power: 600 W
* Cutting diameter (line): 35 cm
* Cutting system: Line spool
* Cutting speed: 8.000 rpm
* Weight: 4,6 kg
* 2 Year Warranty
Barcode / EAN: 3165140649599
Bosch ART35 Electric Grass Trimmer - 600w 0.300.878.M70 from Mower Magic

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