Bosch Cordless Glass Vac Window Vacuum 3.6v / 2,0A

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Bosch Cordless Glass Vac Window Vacuum 3.6v / 2,0A includes the battery and charger.
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Bosch Cordless Glass Vac Window Vacuum 3.6v / 2,0A

The GlassVac is ready to use at any time. It cleans windows and smooth surfaces in two steps. Step one: Mix detergent with water in the applicator and spray it on the surface. Any conventional detergent can be used. The spray nozzle is adjustable so the spray pattern can be adapted to the surface area. Stubborn dirt can be removed at the same time with the integrated microfiber cloth, which can be easily detached for washing.

The spray applicator sits comfortably in your hand and can be set down safely on its broad base. Step two: Switch on the GlassVac, place it against the window, and start vacuuming. The tool offers two wiper heads for different applications and surfaces: 133 and 266 millimeters wide. The products tank, which collects the dirty water, can be emptied quickly and easily by opening the rubber plug on the tank and pouring out the water.

Window cleaning made easy: GlassVac the first cordless window vacuum from Bosch
Clean surfaces quickly, without streaks or squeaking
Glides over surfaces with trusted Bosch wiper-rubber technology
30 percent smaller than similar competitor models
Cleaning in two steps with spray applicator and GlassVac

Clean windows indoors and outdoors, glass surfaces, tiles, mirrors or shower cubicles and also vacuum spilled liquids the GlassVac can do it all. At the same time, the cordless window vacuum boasts an exceptionally compact design: At a height of only 20 centimeters, it is 30 percent smaller than similar competitor models and can also vacuum close to window edges.

Say goodbye to buckets and newspaper! Easy cleaning in two steps

Other features of the cordless window vacuum include an integrated LED light, which displays the battery charge, and a micro-USB charger simply used to re-charge the GlassVac. To secure the product safely, for example when working up a ladder, the battery-powered window vacuum also has a wrist strap.

Specifications Bosch Cordless Glass Vac Window Vacuum 3.6v / 2,0A
* Battery voltage/capacity 3.6 V/2.0 Ah
* Runtime 25 minutes
* Charging time 180 minutes
* Wiper blade widths 133 and 266 mm
* Wiper blade material PPC
* Tool dimensions without wiper blade (height x length x width) 203 x 163 x 96 mm
* Dirty water capacity 100 ml
* Weight 700 g
* Spray applicator
* Spray applicator dimensions: (height x length x width) 242 x 112 x 100 mm
* Microfiber cloth size (length x width) 276 x 55 mm 110 x 50 mm
* Capacity 300 ml

Window vacuum with integrated 2.0 Ah battery, two wiper blades, micro-USB charger, wrist strap and spray applicator with two microfiber cloths
Barcode / EAN: 3165140920155
Bosch Cordless Glass Vac Window Vacuum 3.6v / 2,0A from Mower Magic

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