Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw - 10.8v 0.600.861.970

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Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw - 10.8v   0.600.861.970 includes the battery and charger.
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Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw - 10.8v 0.600.861.970

Bosch Keo - The Bosch Keo Cordless Saw provides effortless cutting giving versatile help around the house and garden. The detachable "A-Grip" provided holds branches in place during cutting. The ergonomic and lightweight cordless garden saw from Bosch cuts up to 60mm-thick branches with ease. Without the detachable A-Grip holder, the Bosch Keo even cuts up to 80mm-thick branches. Swiss-made quality saw blade for exceptionally clean and precise cuts.

Effortless Cutting for Multiple Uses:
The Bosch Keo garden saw offers versatile help around house and garden. The saw cuts up to 80mm diameter with the push of a variable speed trigger. The reciprocating saw delivers up to 30 cuts of 60mm diameter, or up to 190 cuts of 15mm diameter, per battery charge. Swiss-made quality blades for precise, hassle-free cutting can be easily changed. Its detachable “A-Grip” feature supports branches while cutting - no second hand required. Always ready to use, the 10.8 V lithium-ion battery, with no memory effect and no self-discharge technology charges in three and a half hours.

Branches, Hedges and Much More:
Simplify cutting a variety of materials with the compact and cordless Bosch Keo garden saw. Prune or cut back trees effortlessly and single-handedly with its detachable “A-Grip” feature, which supports branches while cutting. Ideal if cutting a variety of materials, Bosch accessory blades can also be easily changed - now it’s possible to cut wood, metal and plaster with just one saw. Take this garden saw for any project anywhere thanks to its 10.8 V integrated lithium ion battery.

Effortless Sawing with a Clean Cut Everytime:
The Bosch Keo garden saw offers effortless cutting for garden tasks. With its Swiss precision blade, users can easily cut branches up to 80mm with the push of a trigger. The cordless design enables users 30 to 190 cuts per battery charge. The detachable “A-Grip” holds unsupported branches while cutting making for hassle-free pruning. It features a no memory effect and no self-discharge lithium-ion battery.

Compact yet Powerful:
Compact and ergonomic, the Bosch Keo garden saw is designed for a variety of house and garden tasks. Its innovative detachable “A-Grip” fixes the saw onto the branch, enabling users to cut through branches easily - without a second hand. The Swiss precision blade and variable speed trigger allows users a powerful cutting experience with increased manoeuvrability, thanks to its Softgrip and ergonomic shape. The safety lock feature prevents unintentional activation. Plus, blades are easily changed to allow for use on various materials.

Specification for Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw - 10.8v
* Battery type: Lithium-ion
* Battery voltage: 10.8 V
* Cutting capacity (with A-Grip): max. 60 mm diameter
* Cutting capacity (without A-Grip): max. 80 mm diameter
* Cuts per battery charge (15-60 mm diameter): 190-30
* Saw blade length: 150mm
* Battery charge time: 3.5h
* Weight (with A-Grip): 1.1kg
* Warranty: 2 Years
Barcode / EAN: 3165140602938
Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw - 10.8v   0.600.861.970 from Mower Magic

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