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  • BucketBarrow on BBC1 DIY SOS 2020

    BucketBarrow on BBC1 DIY SOS 2020

    Hard work and great fun at DIY SOS Big Build. Amazing to meet and work with this incredible team all donating their time and efforts rebuilding a family home in just 9 days.
  • BucketBarrow helps on BBC TV DIY SOS

    BucketBarrow helps on BBC TV DIY SOS

    In nine days a home was gutted and completely rebuilt by the amazing team of volunteers at the #DIYSOSBigBuild in Bromley, England. This enabled a very deserving family to gain a home that meets the needs of their two year old son who suffers from a very rare lung condition. They can now do what so many of us take for granted, share time together, as a family, in their home. Congratulations to the hundreds of trades professionals, suppliers, community members, #DIYSOSBigBuild Purple Shirts
  • BucketBarrow features on BBC1's DIY SOS

    BucketBarrow features on BBC1's DIY SOS

    Billy, Chris, Nick Knowles and Juls and all BBC Production Team who worked tirelessly to achieve this fabulous outcome. Our UK Director, Paul, volunteered both BucketBarrow products and his labour throughout the #DIYSOSBigBuild and was blown away by the camaraderie and community spirit demonstrated by everyone on site. #DIYSOSBigBuildBromley screened on Wednesday night on the @BBC and our UK friends can watch on catch up @BBCiPlayer
  • Making Life on a Permaculture Property Easier

    Making Life on a Permaculture Property Easier

    "Running a permaculture farm is hard work. We do as much as we can by hand. So when we see a useful tool that can help us save time and energy it really catches our eye. We recently got our hands on a new Aussie designed and owned product call the BucketBarrow. Not only is it the easiest barrow to move that I've ever used, the bucket system makes it so incredibly versatile that it has become one of our most used tools. Getting material into difficult places is now easy. Moving a variety of material and tools, simple!"

    It means a great deal to us to receive this amazing feedback from Brendan and the team at What The Green because these are people who truly live by their values. Their not for profit company manufactures quality, sustainable products like rice husk briquettes and coconut husk BBQ briquettes out of what would otherwise be waste materials. 100% of profits are then directed to building sustainable farms for communities in developing countries. On the home front they have developed a fabulous permaculture farm where they organically grow and raise a huge proportion of the food they eat and the materials they use.

  • Read All About It! Innovation To Help You Work Smarter

    Read All About It! Innovation To Help You Work Smarter

    At BucketBarrow we're working to change that through innovation that enables you to work smarter and more effectively.

    We are thrilled that our article on the benefits of BucketBarrow innovation in the workplace is featured in the current edition of Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers bi-annual magazine Earthstyle.

    Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers are a progressive association of landscaping industry professionals who uphold the values of Quality, Pride and Professionalism.

  • Happy  New Year Everyone!

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    "Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." Melody Beattie

    As we head into the New Year and a new decade, we are grateful for our fabulous customers, colleagues, mentors, friends and family members for the support, encouragement and advice you generously share with us.

    We wish you all a safe and happy start to 2020 and are looking forward to sharing an exciting year - and decade - to come.

  • Buy Your BucketBarrow Online for Delivery to Your Door

    Buy Your BucketBarrow Online for Delivery to Your Door

    We’ve got some exciting news for all our gardening, DIY and trades professional friends across United Kingdom!

    You can buy your BucketBarrows and accessories direct from the Mower Magic team with delivery of your chosen items to your door!

  • Growing Food and Community with the Grantham Gardeners

    Growing Food and Community with the Grantham Gardeners

    The URBAN88 has been busy helping Carol and volunteers at the Sustainability Hub and Community Gardens at the Grantham Heritage Park in Seven Hills, Sydney. Carol took the time to share this fabulous feedback:

    "I got to give my BucketBarrow a run today at the back of the community garden. We have been planting in loads of native and exotic perennials and covering the area with mulch. The BucketBarrow buckets make it so much easier to redistribute the mulch - no more awkwardly taking out handfuls to cover the planted out areas!"

  • BucketBarrow Hits the Road

    BucketBarrow Hits the Road

    Stay tuned for updates on other events where you can meet the BucketBarrow team and discover our full product range! We shall be all over the Uk at County Fairs in the coming months. See you there!

  • Making Harvest Time Easier

    Making Harvest Time Easier

    Tesorino Farm in North Gidgegannup, Western Australia is owned by husband and wife team Dave and Alison, both experienced horticulturalists, who grow fresh seasonal vegetables and make delicious produce to sell direct to their customers.

    Dave recently contacted the BucketBarrow team to share this harvest time update:
    "The (asparagus) season is just getting going at the moment ... As the weather warms, we will be inundated with the spears up everywhere. It takes hours of work when in full swing. No more heaving a container along as you pick, with it getting heavier as you go.

    The BucketBarrow fits along the asparagus rows (unlike an ATV) and it's a breeze to use each bucket. It has saved a lot of back breaking work."

    We are grateful to Dave and Alison for making time to share how our URBAN88 narrow wheelbarrows with their BucketBarrow System of 4 strong Buckets and 1 x multi-purpose Scoop are making their asparagus harvesting season so much easier.

  • The Next Evolution in Wheelbarrows is Coming

    The Next Evolution in Wheelbarrows is Coming

    Whether you are a builder, carpenter, landscaper, farmer, home DIYer, gardening professional or enthusiast there is a BucketBarrow wheelbarrow designed specifically for you.

    The BucketBarrow range are the first and only wheelbarrows to feature integrated removable buckets, we call it the BucketBarrow System. You can use your quality BucketBarrow exactly like a traditional wheelbarrow or add the BucketBarrow System to enable you to move and manage materials Safer, Easier and Faster. It's wheelbarrow innovation we have patented and quality that you can rely on.

    Stay tuned here to learn more about how to master your home DIY, gardening through to the toughest trade jobs with BucketBarrow. There's exciting things to come!

  • Your Garden Projects Mastered With The BucketBarrow System

    Your Garden Projects Mastered With The BucketBarrow System

    Discover how you can achieve your garden projects safer, easier and faster. Our new BucketBarrow How To Videos offer a 'sneak peak' of the BucketBarrow System in action in the garden.

    Multi-level areas, material movement and precision placement through to job clean up are all made easy.

  • Hard Work and Great Fun at the DIY SOS Big Build

    Hard Work and Great Fun at the DIY SOS Big Build

    We’ve been putting the BucketBarrow PRO range and our UK Team through their paces over the last week volunteering at the #DIYSOSBigBuild in Cornwall, England. Proud to be a part of this amazing team of professionals who have come together to rebuild the home of a very deserving family in only 9 days.

    Check out @BucketBarrow on Instagram or @BucketBarrowwheelbarrows on FaceBook for some sneak peaks of our team in action and stay tuned as the DIYSOS Big Build Carbis Bay program is set to air on BBC next year!

    Congratulations to the production team, trades professionals, local businesses and volunteers who came together to make the Build possible, it’s been a privilege for our UK team to meet and work alongside you all.

  • Supporting Sustainable Schools

    Supporting Sustainable Schools

    Grade 5/6 students at Mentone Primary School put their new URBAN88 KITs into action this week while learning about the importance of mulching for maintaining soil quality and weed control.

    Sustainability is embedded in everything this 5 Star recognized Resource Smart School does and we are proud to be a part of the students’ learning in action.