BucketBarrow Pro88 - 4 Bucket Set

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BucketBarrow Pro88 - 4 Bucket Set is rated as Trade Tough
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BucketBarrow Pro88 - 4 Bucket Set

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BucketBarrow Pro88 - 4 Bucket Set

BucketBarrow Pro88 - 4 Bucket Set

* Set of 4 buckets for BucketBarrow Pro88

The PRO88 Bucket is a trade quality, square profile, 15 Lt volume bucket made for maximum durability in tough environments.

It integrates easily into the PRO88 wheelbarrow tray for safe and fast material management, loading, movement and distribution.

The PRO88 Bucket Features:
* Reinforcement ribbing for strength and durability
* Square profile with 15 Litre volume capacity
* Internal and external Litre markings
* Rounded corners for accurate material measurement, mixing and pouring
* 5mm hardened steel handles with comfort moulded hand grips for easy and efficient load carrying
* Top mounted handles for easy access and capacity to easily stack and store on site and in work vehicles

The PRO88 Bucket Specifications:
* Volume: 15 litre volume with internal and external litre markings
* Material thickness: 2.8mm premium polypropylene strengthened with extra ribbing
* Handle: 5mm zinc coated steel wire with comfort moulded hand grip