Cooper Pegler CP15 2000 Series 15L Knapsack Backpack Sprayer

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Cooper Pegler CP15 2000 Series 15L Knapsack Backpack Sprayer

The CP 2000 series is of recent design and has set world-wide standards for comfort and safety. With its unique ergonomical design and built to fulfil international safety standards, it is a most comfortable, safe and capable piston pump knapsack sprayer. The non-corrosive polypropylene tank, with no openings below the liquid level, substantially reduces any chance of user contamination.

The sprayer comprises of few parts and can be quickly dismantled for cleaning and maintenance without the use of tools. The replacement of wearing parts is simple and inexpensive. It offers efficient, exact and economical application of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. For herbicide applications, the pressure can be precisely controlled with the unique Control Fluid Valve. The spray tank is not pressurized and spraying is controlled from the trigger valve.

Specification Cooper Pegler CP15 2000 Series 15L Knapsack Backpack Sprayer:
* Piston pump knapsack
* 15 litre transparent, UV stabilised polypropylene tank
* Up to 3 bar max. pressure
* Rapid-fit shoulder straps with rubber shoulder pads
* Operating lever interchangeable for right/left hand operation
* Compartment in lever for storage
* Deep strainer for filtration of liquid
* High quality discharge hose
* Ergonomic composite trigger with separate filter
* Fiberglass reinforced lance
* 250 ml measuring jug
* Green REFLEX herbicide nozzle
* Yellow hollow cone insecticide/fungicide nozzle

Technical specifications Cooper Pegler CP15 2000 Series 15L Knapsack Backpack Sprayer:
* Tank capacity, rated / actual : 15 / 18 litre
* Tank material: Polypropylene
* Tank opening: 125mm
* Weight empty: 4.62 kg
* Maximum spraying pressure: 3 bar
* Delivery hose length: 1280mm
* Harness material: Polyester braud
* Shoulder pad material: Polyethylene
* Lance length: 500mm
* Nozzles (ISO) Herbicide: Reflex green
* Nozzles (ISO) Fungicide / Insecticide: Hollow cone Yellow
* Package size L x W x H: 390 x 170 x630mm
* Gross weight: 5.25 kg

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