County Cruiser Garden Wheelbarrow Blue Duo Twin-Wheel

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County Cruiser Garden Wheelbarrow Blue Duo Twin-Wheel
County Cruiser Garden Wheelbarrow Blue Duo Twin-Wheel

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County Cruiser Garden Wheelbarrow Blue Duo Twin-Wheel

Important Information Due to exceptionally high demand, County Wheel Barrows currently have a lead-time of approximately 2 Weeks.

The 100 ltr Cruiser Duo twin-wheel wheelbarrow has a substantial, galvanised chassis fashioned from a single length of heavy grade 30mm tubing. The frame is constructed with oversize bracing underneath the floor of the tray and includes a front tray support as well, bracing the wall of the deep tray where it most needs it. The frame is fitted with solid steel skids at the base of the legs. These protect the tubing against wear and tear, and will take the knocks of many thousands of hard landings on concrete, gravel etc.

The Cruiser is supplied with the superb County X4 twin-wheel set, complete with roller bearings to guarantee friction-free rolling for many, many years - and in order to facilitate simple DIY puncture repairs, the 4-ply block pattern tyres are fitted with a pneumatic tube. The 100/120 ltr Cruiser tray is moulded in tried-and-tested Polypropylene which most gardeners consider the ideal garden barrow material in the eyes of most gardeners.

- Zinc-plated chassis for fewer scratches, less rust, and a longer life
- 4-ply block-pattern tyres improve traction and last longer
- Oversize rear brace secures the most exposed frame joint
- Wheels with double ball bearings just roll and roll
- Check out the welding! No flimsy spot welds here!
- Professional grade wheel bracket
- Square tipping bar for optimal balance when tipping or resting
- Tyre fitted with pneumatic tube for easy DIY puncture repairs

Specification County Cruiser Duo Polypropylene Wheelbarrow Blue:
* Twin Wheel
* 100 - 120 ltr Polypropylene tray
* Zinc Galvanised chassis
* 4-ply pneumatic tubed tyre 400 x 100
* Overall width 60.5cm
* Roller bearings
* Fully seam welded
* Skids
* Green or Blue poly trim
* A superb barrow

Carriage usually free for mainland UK


Further Info

The designers behind County Wheelbarrows have been in the business for over 20 years and know the shortcomings of other leading brands. In designing the County range, the experts were able to tackle and overcome them all:

* County wheelbarrow frames are Galvanised to avoid visible scratching while in transit or on display, and to postpone and inhibit the onset of rusting.

* County wheelbarrow frames are Seam Welded rather than spot-welded, and the cross-braces are oversized to stiffen and strenghten the frame.

* County wheelbarrow tyres feature Pneumatic Inner Tubes to facilitate easy DIY repairs. We've all had enough of tubeless tyres that are virtually impossible to reinflate once they puncture or lose pressure.

* Solid Steel Skids are welded onto the bottom of the legs of all County barrows. By taking the strain of thousands of hard landings on concrete, gravel, or wet soil, they greatly prolong the life of the steel tubing and hence the barrow as a whole.

* Single Wheeled County Barrows Convert in a few minutes to twin-wheeled barrows - a godsend for the petite, frail or elderly who prefer a barrow that takes the balancing out of the equation. (The DUO twin wheel kit can either be fitted at the point of sale, or retro-fitted years later.)