County Mammoth Twin-Wheel Barrow 160ltr

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County Mammoth Twin-Wheel Barrow 160ltr

Important Information Due to exceptionally high demand, County Wheel Barrows currently have a lead-time of approximately 2 Weeks.

Important Information This item is currently on backorder. You may still order but there may be a delay.

The Mammoth wheelbarrow is built like a tank and will outlast most of us. But it is its handling characteristics that make it a Design Classic - a product we would all like to own. Whatever the setting - garden, farm, yard, estate, golf course, or factory - the Mammoth will exceed all expectations!

This barrow has ergonomics to die for! They are simply perfectly balanced, and you can move far heavier loads than you expect - without back strain! Above all, they are built to laugh-off the most punishing workloads, and their life span is measured in decades rather than in years. The hopper is injection moulded in Polyethylene. You can take a sledge hammer to it and scarcely mark it! It is frost-resistant and will not fade or go brittle.

Large 16 x 4" 4PR block pattern tyres are standard The wheels feature double roller bearings for many years of squeak-free rolling. NB: Pneumatic tyres are of a tubed design, allowing easy puncture repairs. Mammoth frames are hot-dip galvanised. In this process, the fully fashioned frame is submerged in molten zinc which adheres to the steel, and dries to form the ultimate rust barrier. Note the solid steel skids welded on to take the strain of thousands of hard landings on concrete, gravel, etc.

Delivery: Assembled

Specification County Mammoth Twin Wheel Mega Barrow:
* 160 Litre capacity (more when heaped)
* Dimensions: Tray 111cm long x 65cm wide x 38cm deep. Barrow: 164cm long x 65cm widest point of tray
* Made in Holland
* 16 x 4" tyres
* Frames are hot-dip galvanised
* Polyethylene hopper
* Solid steel skids
* Double roller bearings
* 3 Year Warranty

Carriage usually free for mainland UK