Dino Go-Kart - Sprint AF (Red)

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Dino Go-Kart - Sprint AF (Red)

Back to the roots. The DINO SPRINT is the logical further development of the Original Dino Cars. The heart of this go-karts is the built-in automatic freewheel (AF). The AF prevents the pedals from turning while driving forward.

The drivers can take breaks during the forward movement. This minimizes the risk of injury. To reverse, you slow down the go-kart with the hand brake lever until the kart stands still. Afterwards you kick the pedals backwards. The reverse gear is now automatically engaged. That's pure driving pleasure. Ball bearings and low-rolling-resistance tires allow rapid rides for kids from 5 years onwards.

A trailer hitch is a matter of course. And if the kids are tired dad is also happy - thanks to the stability and 6-fold seat adjustment - to drive the kids home safely.

Technical Specifications
* Model SPRINT (RED)
* Dimensions (LxWxH) cm 150x80x80 cm
* Weight (kg) 40 kg
* Dimensions Box (LxWxH) cm 120x78x37 cm
* Maximum User Weight (kg) 100 kg
* Recommended Age >5 years
* Recommended Maximum Height (cm) 190 cm
* Freewheel AF
* Assembly time 30 minutes
* Warranty 2 years

You love to go outside with your DINO CAR in any weather and enjoy playing in the fresh air. After school your gokart already waits for you, ready to take on new adventures. Race
your friends, play skill games or transport your treasures in your trailer. A DINO CARS® gokart always brings action and fun for outdoor kids like you.

Whether Stylez, Classics, Tracks, Race Line, Kids or one of the other models - our range provides vehicles suitable for any age and range of use. All DINO CARS® are designed in
such a way that they can be used in a private as well as in a commercial context.

DINO CARS® has designed and produced pedal-driven gokarts in Brual in North Germany for more than 20 years. We exclusively use first-class selected materials meeting the highest quality and security standards. DINO CARS® gokarts constantly undergo technical and practical tests. Our vehicles are certified by external testing institutes and carry the CE marking. DINO CARS® convinces by offering a 5 year framework guarantee and a long-term spare parts supply.
Barcode / EAN: 4038186119069

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