EarthWay EV-N-Spread 7312 Drop Spreader 29.5kg

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EarthWay EV-N-Spread 7312 Drop Spreader 29.5kg

The EarthWay EV-N-Spred 7312 Drop Spreader has an accurate 22inch wide spread zone, 12inch wheels roll smoothly over sidewalk bumps; works great with ice melt or finer grade rock salt. Easy truck bed in/out, weighs less than 15 lbs. but can hold up to 34kg. As usual for an Earthway product, this drop spreader has good build quality and is easy to use.

The NEW 7312 is the top of the line when it comes to Residential Drop Spreaders. The 75lb/34kg capacity rustproof poly hopper provides 22in of spread coverage with a single pass. Semi assembled with a folding handle, the 7312 is ready to go from box to lawn in minutes, and stores easily when not in use. The easy use gauge & lever assembly is designed to allow the user complete control over the application rate of the material.

Included is a Rate Calculation Matrix to assist you in setting your spreader for all of today’s granular products including organic materials. The 12in rubber capped wheels will decrease slippage and provide a balanced drop pattern.

The NEW 7312 is the Premier Residential Drop Spreader manufactured today.

Specifications of EarthWay EV-N-Spred 7312 Drop Spreader
* 75lb/34kg Hopper capacity– rustproof poly construction
* 100lb/45kg Load bearing capacity - what the frame will support
* 12"/30cm diameter rubber capped wheels
* Epoxy Powder Coated Chassis
* Direct drive agitator
* Semi Assembled
* Rate Calculation Matrix included
* 5-Year Limited Warranty
* Accurate 22inch wide drop swath
* 12inch Diameter 5-spoke wheels
* Ideal for small area spreading or seeding
* Perfect for spreading ice melt and fine rock salt on pavements

Barcode / EAN: 0650361574438
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