EarthWay F80SD Commercial Stainless Steel Pro Shut Off 3 Hole Drop Spreader

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EarthWay F80SD Commercial Stainless Steel Pro Shut Off 3 Hole Drop Spreader

The EarthWay EV-N-SPRED FLEX-SELECT Stainless Steel Spreader F80SD, with a 36kg hopper capacity, is engineered for extremely accurate application, easy operation and a long life. The premium stainless steel frame resists corrosion, adding to the longevity of this superb spreader.

The F80SD is supplied with a red dual port shut-off tray as standard. It features the EV-N-SPRED 3 hole drop mechanism which ensures an even distribution of material over a 180o spread pattern. The tray also has a dual port shut-off. This means that the rate of distribution of material can be very finely adjusted. This tray is ideal for distributing dry free-flowing material such as fertilizer or weed ‘n’ feed.

With an Earthway FLEX-SELECT F80 you have the added flexibility of being able to change the output tray. With the F80SD you have the option of removing the red tray and replacing it with a blue high-output tray or a black low-output tray:

The blue high output tray (available as an accessory) is specifically designed for applying large granular materials such as rock salt and sand. This tray has a NEW exclusive oscillating agitator integrated into the shut off system which improves the flow of difficult to spread materials. This tray is available as an accessory.

The black low output tray (available as an accessory) accurately applies small gauge materials such as fine grass seed, chemicals and other low volume output products. This tray features the exclusive oscillating shut-off with agitation pins which ensures fine materials remain flowing. This tray is available as an accessory.

Features of EarthWay F80SD Commercial Stainless Steel Pro Shut Off 3 Hole Drop Spreader
* 36kg or 80lb hopper capacity
* Supplied with a red EV-N-SPRED FLEX-SELECT standard dual port output tray with a pro shut plate
* EV-N-SPRED FLEX-SELECT interchangeable tray system with high and low output trays available as accessories
* Heavy-duty enclosed gearbox for longer life
* 33cm diameter turf tyres on rust-proof poly rims
* Stainless steel frame
* ‘Diamond’ shaft cross-section for added strength
* 2-position height adjustable T-bar handle
* Gauge and lever rate control with adjustable solid linkage
* 5 year EarthWay warranty
Barcode / EAN: 052732680197
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