EarthWay 1500 Fert-A-Ply Garden Seeder Attachment

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EarthWay 1500 Fert-A-Ply Garden Seeder Attachment

The Earthway Fert-A-Ply Side Dress Fertilizer Attachment 1500 is designed for use with the Earthway Precision Garden Seeder 1001B. The fertilizer attachment attaches easily to the garden seeder. The slide plate allows you to get precise flow of granulated fertilizers.

The fertilizer can be applied above ground or below ground up to a 2-inch depth with this fertilizer attachment. It has an On/Off switch on the handle which helps to eliminate waste.

The Earthway is non-corrosive and is made from weather resistant and durable materials. This fertilizer attachment allows the user to put fertilizer on plants is a neat row and broadcast it where you like, instead of fertilizing weeds as well.

Gardening is a lot of hard labor, but this Earthway fertilizer attachment saves your back and will cut down the time and hard labor that you put into your garden when it comes time to fertilize.

Attaching the fertilizer attachment is easy to do, just remove the row marker from the garden seeder, slide the attachment between the handle and lock the attaching arms over the mounting frame. Simple and easy to do and you are ready to start putting fertilizer on your plants. Operating the flow is also easy to do. Rotate the flow adjusting lever to vary the application rate of the fertilizer based on your needs.

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