EarthWay M40 Mounted Heavy Duty Spreader

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EarthWay M40 Mounted Heavy Duty Spreader

The Earthway M40 Fertilizer Spreader has a 12-Volt motor and 100-pound hopper. It is handy for spreading ice melt, fertilizer and other granular products. Yard and estate tending are made easy with this spreader. It can mount on your mower or small ATV unit.

Any vehicle with a surface (horizontal or vertical) that is capable of supporting a weight of 300 lbs becomes a broadcast fertilizer spreader. From lawn care technician's spring program of pre-emergent granular fertilizer application, through their late spring/early summer application of slow release fertilizer, all the way to the fall application of stabilized nitrogen fertilizer, the professional landscaper will be able to use this 12-volt spreader to provide turf with nutrients it needs to stimulate healthy root growth.

Features EarthWay M40 Mounted Heavy Duty Spreader
* Hopper holds 100 lb, 3250 cubic inches.
* Includes hopper cover.
* Port on front of hopper for wash out (as pictured on the mounted model) is now standard.
* Chassis can bear 225 lb.
* Tubing is super duty stainless steel with a bumper for accident prevention.
* Shut off is dual port with adjustable settings on the ports.
* Shut off switch is electric solenoid which opens and closes the ports in the hopper from the seat of the mower or ATV for ease of use and accuracy.
* In-hopper-motor in a thermoplastic case for increased longevity. Wiring harness and switches are similarly coated.
* Remove impeller when spreading heavier material.
* Optional Speed Controller 77009 not included.
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