Gardena Lawn Rake - 43cm

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Gardena Lawn Rake - 43cm
Gardena Lawn Rake - 43cm

Product Info

Gardena Lawn Rake - 43cm

Tired of those leaves always covering your lawn? Getting fed up with having to pick them up by hand? Trying to find something to make it all easier? Well - look no further.

This Gardena rake will make mince meat of those pesky leaves on your lawn. With it's 43cm working width, it is capable of raking it mass amounts of leaves/small debris in one clean sweep, meaning you are out working for less time, and able to spend more time concentrating on trimming the hedges and planting your flowers.

Whether it is simply a weekend job clearing your lawn, or a full make-over of your garden, this Gardena rake can satisfy all your raking needs.

Specification for Gardena Lawn Rake - 43cm
* 43cm Width
* Robust Shaft
* High Quility Plastic
Barcode / EAN: 4078500302043

Product Type: Lawn Rake, Power: Manual