Handy Heavy Duty Broadcast Spreader 56.8kg

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Handy Heavy Duty Broadcast Spreader 56.8kg

Using rock salt in this spreader will damage the mechanism and shorten the life of the product. Refined ice melting salt can be used, but the user should be aware that using salt may corrode certain components of the spreader and reduce the life of the machine. Clean the spreader thoroughly after using refined de-icing salt.

Of heavy-duty design and combining a huge 56.7kg hopper-capacity with an expansive 3.66m working-width, this highly productive push-type broadcast spreader from Handy is guaranteed to impress in terms of durability and large-area work-rate! Desirable features include a hopper-cover for successful wet-weather operation; and large pneumatic tyres for a comfortable run over difficult terrain. Weighs 17.5kg.

With the Handy THS125HDUTY Broadcast Spreader you don't just get excellent build-quality, you'll also enjoy straightforward operation and a superb large-area work-rate!

It's a highly versatile, twin-function machine which can be used during freezing weather to apply ice-melts to pathways, drives and other hard-surface areas so as to eliminate slip-hazard; or during the spring/summer period to broadcast fertiliser, pesticides and grass-seeds.

The heavy-duty Handy THS125HDUTY boasts a tubular-steel frame, an all-metal transmission and a corrosion-resistant poly hopper; a combination that ensures season upon season of rock-solid reliability and unfailing performance.

It's supplied with a hopper-screen that prevents performance-inhibiting clogging; and it boasts an adjustable feed-control that confers enhanced flexibility of use (adjustment is via a conveniently positioned lever).

Capable of holding an impressive 56.7kg (125lb) of your chosen spread-medium and offering a sizeable 3.66m maximum spread-width, the Handy THS125HDUTY Broadcast Spreader delivers range-topping productivity-levels.

Wide-profile pneumatic tyres ensure it's stable in operation and can be pushed with ease across rough ground; while a hopper-cover means you'll be able to continue working should it start to rain.

For the best possible user-comfort, Handy have kept machine-weight down to just 17.5kg and provided an ergonomically optimised soft-grip T-Bar handle.

This is a dual-function heavy duty broadcast spreader which can be used for spreading lawn fertilizers between springtime and autumn, during the winter months it will help you to keep paths and driveways free of ice. The THS125HDUTY Push Fertiliser Broadcast Spreader is very durable with a tough, corrosion resistant poly hopper that makes light work of distributing up to 56.8 kg (125 lb) of material at one time.

Its maximum spread width of 3.0-3.65m (10-12 feet) enables operator to cover a large area in a short space of time, in confined areas you can adjust your spread width by simply by going slower. The spreader has a heavy duty gearbox, sturdy metal frame, large pneumatic tyres, a comfort grip T-bar handle and is supplied with a rain cover & hopper screen to prevent clogging. As well as fertiliser the spreader will also distribute ice melts & processed salts.


Specifications of Handy Push Broadcast Spreader
* 56.8kg capacity
* Heavy Duty Gearbox
* Spread Width: 10'-12'
* Adjustable feed control
* Ideal for fertilizer, granules, grass seed, ice melting salt etc.
* Pneumatic wheels for easy transportation on the roughest of ground
* Complete with hopper screen and rain cover
* Partially built when delivered - the rest is "Easy Build"
* Grease nipples fitted
* 1 Year Warranty
Barcode / EAN: 5055661901321
Handy Heavy Duty Broadcast Spreader 56.8kg  from Mower Magic

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