Henchman Hi Step Midi Platform

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Henchman Hi Step Midi Platform

Reach more with both hands free from a level and stable aluminium platform, even on sloping ground. The safe and easy way to cut hedges and other high work that usually involves dangerous ladders.

The Henchman Midi hedge cutting platform has a minimum height of 4 ft and a maximum height of 6 ft - This allows you to cut across the top at shoulder height of 5 ft. a maximum hedge height of 10 ft.

Features of the Henchman Hi-Step Midi Variable Height Hedge Cutting Platform
* Make the platform level and stable on soft, sloping, uneven garden ground by individually adjusting the legs.
* Use the 'Quick adjust' feet to make minute adjustments quick and easy.
* Rely on big flat feet, which follow the contour of the ground and will not sink.
* Fold and store the platform flat against a wall.
* Do without a 'mate' to hold the ladder.
* Lean out as far as you can reach in full confidence that you won't topple, allowing you to work quicker.
* Work safely and comfortably with both hands free to handle potentially dangerous equipment - impossible on a ladder.
* Climb in confidence on non-slip rungs and platform.
* Prune climbing roses, wisteria or clematis without damaging the plants.
* Achieve beautiful results without damaging shrubs or plants. Straddles most obstacles.
* Finish faster because you can reach so much more from each placing with both hands.
* 3 Year manufacturer's guarantee

Your 2' x 2' non slip platform is always level and stable because each leg adjusts individually (up to 2'), to compensate for dips, bumps, slopes and steps. Quick Adjust feet allow for minute increment adjustments, meaning no wobble at all - a feature unique to Henchman.

You are safe to lean because you are enclosed by guard rails. The integrated guard rails make it safe for you to lean - the guard rail restriction means your centre of gravity stays within the splayed footprint, preventing toppling. Large flat feet which pivot of their own accord to the contour of the ground, will not suddenly sink into soft ground, such as flower borders. You can cut a broad swathe from one position because of the width of the platform, the ability to lean as far as you like safely, your reach and the cutting blade.

Every platform in this range has a variable platform height of 2' thanks to the adjustable legs. This is increased to 5' if you use the optional 3' Extender. Also, you can work from thigh height up to shoulder height, adding further to the range of heights reachable from one platform.

The framework is aluminium and therefore very lightweight. The legs are steel out of necessity for strength and rigidity. Overall, the unit is very maneuverable for one person in most cases. You can always drop the legs out if you have to lift the unit up high - on to, say, a roof rack.

Folding a platform for storage or transportation requires no tools and takes about 20 seconds.

* Level, stable and spacious working platform
* Safe whilst leaning in three directions, no toppling
* Remain level and stable despite soft, sloping or uneven terrain
* Cut up to 14' from one position, depending on cutters
* Working height variable by minimum of 2' (or minimum 5' with Extender)
* Additional height of 1m / 3ft with optional Extender
* No wobble, no sinking in thanks to unique Quick Adjust Feet
* Lightweight aluminium frame combined with steel strong legs
* Easy folding in 30 seconds for storage

* Assembled to order - Please allow 5-7 days for delivery

Carriage usually free for mainland UK