Hyundai Self Propelled Petrol Yard Sweeper Powerbrush 100cm 173cc HYSW1000

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Hyundai Self Propelled Petrol Yard Sweeper Powerbrush 100cm 173cc HYSW1000

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The Hyundai HYSW1000 is a versatile petrol powered sweeper from Hyundai for use in all seasons. The 1 meter working width is ideal for quickly and effortlessly clearing pathways, driveways, forecourts, artificial grass, farm yards, parks, lawns, leisure centres, car parks, factories, agricultural settings and any other open space of leaves, manure, litter and debris, resulting in a floor cleaning machine that can be used all year round.

The HYSW1000 yard sweeper is a robust yet easy to manoeuvre in difficult conditions providing a excellent sweeping performance.

Light snowfalls can be easily swept away with the sweeper alone. Powered by the Hyundai IC175VE 173cc 4-stroke petrol engine, the sweeper benefits from electric push button start and has recoil start as backup.

The road sweeper gearbox has 3 forward speeds and one reverse and all the main controls are within easy reach of the height adjustable handlebars to enable safe and comfortable operation. Travel speed is from 0.7m/sec to 1.2m/sec.

The powerbrush speed can be easily adjusted to a suitable working speed to suit the conditions and minimise dust and the brush height can be changed to allow you to adapt the sweeper for different types of surface.

The brush angle can be set to one of 5 preset angles, either straight ahead, 22.5 degrees left or 22.5 degrees right, giving you a multitude of working options.. Large pneumatic tyres give ease of maneuverability, even in tight spaces and will cope with all types of terrain, including snow.

The HYSW1000 road sweeper gives off only a low level of noise, making it much more enjoyable to use when working outside. The Hyundai HYSW1000 floor cleaning machine has been designed to be simple and efficient and built for years of reliable service and backed up with a Hyundai 3 Year Warranty

In the box: HYSW1000 Petrol Sweeper, User Manual

Features of Hyundai Self Propelled Petrol Yard Sweeper Powerbrush 100cm 173cc HYSW1000:
* 1m working width with straight, left or right handed brush angles
* Ideal for efficiently clearing paths,car parks, yards, forecourts, driveways and parks of debris, leaves, litter and snow
* Push button electric start and recoil pull start
* Reliable Hyundai 173cc 5.5hp 4-stroke petrol engine
* Brush and handle height adjuster and fingertip control for ease of use
* 3 Year Hyundai Platinum warranty

* Engine Hyundai IC175VE
* Max Power 3.6kW
* Starting Methods Push button Electric start & recoil pull start
* Gears 3 forward and 1 reverse
* Travel Speed 0.7 to 1.2m/s
* Brush Width 1000mm
* Brush Diameter 350mm
* Brush Speed 180 to 350rpm
* Brush Height Adjustable
* Handle Height Adjustable
* Brush Direction Adjustable 22.5 degrees left, straight and 22.5 degrees right
* Wheel Size 13inch rear, 9inch front
* 3 Year Warranty

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