Icade Selective Weed Killer 1L

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Icade Selective Weed Killer 1L

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Icade Selective Weed Killer 1L

Icade is a soluble concentrate selective herbicide which is used for controlling tough, woody & invasive weeds. It can only be used in non-crop situations such as motorway & railway embankments, roadsides & industrial areas (excluding airfields).

Icade is very effective against weeds such as Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam, buddleia, hogweed & bramble. It's selective action means it will not harm wanted grasses. This is a brand new product which gives hope to controlling tough invasive weeds following the withdrawal of so many other valuable products.

* Unique to non-crop market
* Virtually no odour
* Very low amounts of active ingredient
* High levels of grass safety
* Wide spectrum of weeds controlled - especially tough and invasive weeds
* Rainfast in 1 hour
* Wide application window
* Knapsack & broadcast possible
* No volatility issues
* Season-long control of many weeds

* LERAP Category: N/A
* Active Ingredient: 12g/l aminopyralid + 120g/l triclopyr
* Boom Sprayer Rate: 4L per Hectare
* Knapsack Rate: 150ml per 10L of water
* Area Covered: 2,500m2
* Pack Size: 1L
* Required Safety Equipment - Gloves, Face Shield & Coveralls

Certificate: PA1, PA6

Carriage usually free for mainland UK