Field King Pro 1000 Knapsack Sprayer - 15L

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Field King Pro 1000 Knapsack Sprayer - 15L

The Field King Pro MS1000 features advanced ergonomics, functionality and technology for the most optimised perfomance and comfort available. Equipped with a 15L spray tank, this commercial Knapsack Sprayer is suitable to meet the needs of amateurs for day to day use.

This lightweight versatile sprayer offers the convenience of a go anywhere Knapsack sprayer. Supplied with strong padded shoulder harness and ergonomic tank engineered to match the body's contours making it comfortable to wear for long periods of spraying.

The Field King Pro knapsack sprayer is low maintenance and high performance, able to cover large areas with consumate ease. Large filler openings are standard to ensure there is minimum spillage when filling up the large capacity tank and the low resistance pump enables the operator to apply little effort when generating pressure making this sprayer more pleasant to work with as well as reducing fatigue.

For use in various settings, from cultivated plots to large scale intensive industrial use, this sprayer is perfect for every job.

Features Field King Pro 1000 Knapsack Sprayer - 15L:
* 15 Litre Spray Tank
* Internal Piston Pump with a Maximum 10.3 bar (150 Psi)
* Poly Lance and Powder Coated Chassis
* Features No Leak Viton Seals
* Padded Comfort Straps
* Encapsulated Seal for no DripsMagnum Knapsack Sprayer Internal System
* Filter Basket that is Fully Perforated
* Can be Fully Serviceable, with Seals Being Replaced in Less Than Ten Mins
* Agitation Paddles to Improve the Performance of Soluble Powders
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