Mitox Select 5-in-1 Petrol Multi Tool - Trimmer / Pruner / Hedger 25.4cc 28MT-A

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Mitox Select 5-in-1 Petrol Multi Tool - Trimmer / Pruner / Hedger 25.4cc 28MT-A

The all new Mitox 28MT-A Multi-Tool has been redesigned from the ground up and is powered by the latest Mitox 25.4cc engine. The four attachments and the one-metre extension provide the ideal garden maintenance package.

The 28MT-A benefits from a new soft touch anti-vibration handle for even greater comfort during use, as well as featuring new heavy duty triggers.

The four quality attachments included are a bump feed nylon head for grass trimming, metal brushcutter blade, a 580mm advanced long reach hedge trimmer providing 180 degrees of articulation and an adjustable pole pruner.

The 28MT-A also includes the new Quick Fit one-metre extension tube for an easy increase in working length, which has its own vibration reducing rubber grip.

1 Metre Extension Shaft
The Quick Fit 1 meter extension shaft provides an increase in working length and has its own vibration reducing rubber grip.

Quality Long Reach Hedgetrimmer
The new 580mm advanced hedge trimmer attachment provides 180 degrees of articulation for the perfect cut.

New Soft Grip Anti-Vibration Handle
This machine benefits from a unique new anti-vibration handle, designed by Mitox for even greater comfort during use.

Auto Bump Feed Grass Trimmer Head & Metal Brushcutter Blade
The auto bump nylon line trimmer head included with the Mitox 28MT releases more line as required with a simple bump on the ground so you can continue grass trimming without the need to switch off the machine. The 3 tooth HD trip-blade can be used to cut through thicker brush.

Advanced Powered Pruner.
Advanced Pruner Head Fitted with a quality Oregon saw chain for optimum performance whilst the innovative articulated design enables the pruner to be set in 7 different pruning positions.

Aluminium Coupling
The Mitox 28MT 5 in 1 Petrol Multi Tool features an aluminium coupling on the split-shaft system which allows the attachments to be easily interchanged.

Advanced Hedge Trimmer Attachment
The hedge trimmer attachment features a longer 58cm double reciprocating blade with 180o of articulation allowing for trimming at a variety of different angles and more demanding work..

Easy Starting Engine
Starting the 28MT engine is easy thanks to the effortless recoil system and the clearly laid out starting instructions on the side of the engine.

Quality Strong Gearbox
The quality strong gearboxes found on the Mitox 28MT petrol 5 in 1 Multi Tools features heat treated gears which ensure high performance and durability, delivering reliable power to the trimmer head.

Enhanced Comfort
The ergonomic soft grip handles and enhanced anti-vibration features make operating the 28MT comfortable to use, even over prolonged periods of use.

Specification for Mitox 25.4cc 5-in-1 Multi Tool - 28MT-A
* Engine Type Mitox 2-Stroke
* Displacement: 25.4cm3
* Power Output: 0.75kW
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.65 litres
* Handle Type: Loop
* Metal Blade: 3 tooth HD tri-blade
* Trimmer Line: Ø 2.4 mm
* Fuel / Oil Mixture: 40:1
* Blade Length: 580mm (Hedgetrimmer)
* Guide Bar Length: 250mm - 10''
* Coupling Aluminium
* Dry Weight: 4.6kg (Power Unit)
* Type: Complete Kit
* Warranty: Domestic: 3 Year subject to online registration and annual servicing. Commercial: 90 Days

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there an extension shaft included with the Mitox 28MT multi-tool?
Yes, a 1 Metre extension is included with the 28MT for pruning trees at height.

Q: Is a harness included with a MITOX multi tool?
Yes, all Mitox garden multi-tools are supplied with a single strap harness.

Q: What fuel should I use in a MITOX garden multi tool?
You should only use fresh unleaded petrol and semi-synthetic oil specially designed for two stroke engines. We advise adding B3C Ethanol Shield fuel additive to prevent engine damage caused by Ethanol found in petrol.

Q: What fuel / oil mix ratio should I use in my MITOX 28MT SELECT garden multi tool?
The recommended fuel / oil mixing ratio for MITOX engines is 40:1. If in doubt refer to your user manual.

Q: How do I mix the fuel to use in a petrol garden multi tool?
The most effective way to mix the fuel and oil mixture is by using a premium MITOX fuel mixing bottle. Simply pour 1 litre of fresh fuel through a filtered funnel into the mixing bottle and then add two-stroke engine oil up to the required ratio marked on the bottle, securely fasten the cap and shake to ensure it is fully mixed.

Q: How do I replace the trimmer line in the grass trimmer attachment?
You can watch a short video on how to change the nylon line in the grass trimmer attachment. Click here to view.

Q: What diameter nylon line should I use in the grass trimmer?
All grass trimmer attachments included with Mitox Multi-Tools use 2.4mm grass trimmer line. Additional trimmer line can be purchased here

Q: Are the Multi-Tools suitable for professional use?
The MITOX 26MT-SP SELECT and 28MT SELECT garden Multi-Tools are designed for domestic users. If you are looking for a suitable multi tool for commercial use, you should consider the 2700MTK PRO which is supplied with a 3 Year commercial warranty*.

Q: Where can I get spare parts for my MITOX multi-tool?
Initially you can come back to Mower Magic and we will be only too happy to help. Mitox has a nationwide network of service dealers who have access to all MITOX spare parts.

Q: Can additional extension shafts be purchased to increase the working heights further?
No, extensions are not available seperatley. We would strong advise against extending the 28MT multi tool any further as this will increase the force on the trimmer heads which could lead to faliure. It would also make the machine much more difficult to control.

Q: If something goes wrong with my Mitox 28MT multi-tool how do I fix it?
To keep any warranty valid, all repairs should be carried out by a MITOX approved service dealer. You can find your closest Mitox service dealer on the Mitox website.

Q: What is the total length of the Mitox 28MT multi tool with the pole pruner attachment and the extension fitted?
The total length is 3.01m.
Barcode / EAN: 506 036 621 1811
Mitox Select 5-in-1 Petrol Multi Tool - Trimmer / Pruner / Hedger 25.4cc  28MT-A from Mower Magic

Mitox Garden Machinery from Mower Magic - Nice!

MITOX is a British brand established in 2005 and has since become one of the fastest growing garden machinery brands in the country.

Products from MITOX have earnt their popularity with homeowners, landowners, farmers and professionals who appreciate the great performance and ease of use which is delivered from our products, as well as the exceptional value

Mitox products offer everything you would expect from a premium brand, but without the premium price. MITOX garden tools have features which you would expect to find on much higher priced machinery such as enhanced anti vibration systems, quality components from popular brands such as Oregon and Walbro and are designed in such a way to provide optimum performance and comfort, even for prolonged periods of use. MITOX offer all these premium benefits without charging a premium price.

The MITOX range of petrol garden machinery consists of high quality grass trimmers, brushcutters, hand held and long reach hedge trimmers, garden multi tools, pole pruners, chainsaws, log splitters and leaf blower / vacuums.

MITOX products are continuously evolving to ensure they benefit from the latest manufacturing technologies available, optimising the design of the machinery to improve efficiency, ease of use, providing excellent ergonomics and outstanding performance.

With MITOX you can have it all:

✓ Premium Features

✓ Premium Performance

✓ Comprehensive Range

✓ Value for money

✓ Comprehensive warranty

✓ Nationwide dealer network

✓ Full spare parts support

Carriage usually free for mainland UK