Portek Scatterbird Gas Gun Bird Scarer

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Portek Scatterbird Gas Gun Bird Scarer
Portek Scatterbird Gas Gun Bird Scarer

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Portek Scatterbird Gas Gun Bird Scarer

The Scatterbird Mark 3 is a sturdy, purpose built bird-scaring gas gun designed specifically to meet the needs of the farmer. Developed from the successful Scatterbird 2, which has for many years set the industry standard for durability and reliability, it incorporates many innovative features, including the use of UV stabilised, impact resistant polypropylene for the casing, and improved performance whilst retaining simple flexible controls.

A superb all-weather piece of equipment, the Scatterbird Mark 3 provides excellent value for money and uniquely high performance.

* Robust low maintenance design
* Rustproof and weatherproof
* Automatic dawn start-up and dusk shutoff
* Reliable electronics
* Uniquely effective in high winds
* Simple to operate with adjustable firing times and interval control

The Scatterbird Mark 3’s optional adjustable legs raise the unit off the ground and allow the full force of the "bang" to be heard with maximum effect. Use of the optional internal battery is recommended to keep the wiring away from vermin and prevent flood damage to the battery and wiring.

The Scatterbird Mark 3 features a sophisticated, flexible, yet simple to operate control system allowing you to programme the frequency of the bangs and the interval between them. The Scatterbird can be set for an automatic start at dawn and an automatic shut-off at dusk. The bangs can be pre-set at precise intervals or a random pattern can be easily selected.

(NB. shown here with the optional legs fitted; gas not included.).

Product Type: Bird Scarer