Oregon PS250-A6 Cordless Polesaw Kit - 4.0Ah / Charger

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Oregon PS250-A6 Cordless Polesaw Kit - 4.0Ah / Charger includes the battery and charger.
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Oregon PS250-A6 Cordless Polesaw Kit - 4.0Ah / Charger

The PS250 gives you precision, power and a telescoping reach for all trimming and pruning jobs. The shaft allows up to 4.5m of access, while the premium battery pack and mid-mount motor provide you with the longevity and comfort for a long day's work.

Extend up to 3.1m for a reach of up to 4.5m from the ground level.

The mid-mount motor places the PS250's weight (and size) between your hands. This reduces the size of the cutting head- making it easier to reach hard-to-reach-cuts, and reduces the weight at the end of the pole-improving ergonomics and reducing fatigue.

In addition to the mid-mount motor, the PS250 weighs only 6.1kg with the battery, which means better balance and less fatigue. A shoulder strap is included for additional comfort.

* Only 6.1kg (with battery)
* Chain speed: 14.4 m/second
* Micro-Lite 3/8 Narrow Kerf 90PX chain with 1.1,, (0.43'') gauge
* 20cm (8'') bar

How to properly cut tree branches
Let the Pole Saw reach full speed before making contact with the branch. Apply light pressure to prune lower limbs first, then move higher. Cut the ends off longer limbs first, and then prune the branch closer to the trunk.
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Oregon PS250-A6 Cordless Polesaw Kit - 4.0Ah / Charger from Mower Magic

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