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Introducing the new Robomow RX Series

Robomow Power Consumption Table

Robomow Power Consumption Table

* Working on the basis of a 9 month growing cycle - Mar to November. Using the above power consumption and March 2017 average UK energy costs according to

Installing the new Robomow RX

The Robomow RX

Robomow RC304 Independent Review

Robomow RS630 Installion Video

Robomow RC Compendium Video

Turbo Mode 2015
Smart Mow 2015
Edging Mode 2015
Robomow Art

Robomow Art

Robomow Art Warhol Style - looks great!
Gardens Monthly April 2009 page 1

Gardens Monthly April 2009 page 1

Gardens Monthly April 2009 review of Robomow, Mowbot and Automower.
Gardens Monthly April 2009 page 2

Gardens Monthly April 2009 page 2

Gardens Monthly April 2009 review of Robomow, Mowbot and Automower.
Robomow stays outside all year long.

Robomow stays outside all year long.

Photo taken 5th February 2009. Robomow is happy to stay outside all year long just as long as it is kept on charge. Snow is no problem.
Robomow appears on the Alan Titchmarsh Show

Robomow appears on the Alan Titchmarsh Show

On Friday 17th October, Robomow appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh Show ( ITV1). With Alan, top TV Landscape Gardener Sven Wombwell tried out the Robomow in the studio.
Machinery Expert Fred Shed Tests Robomow

Machinery Expert Fred Shed Tests Robomow

Garden Machinery Expert Fred Shed Tests Robomow - full review to follow. Fred is a wheelchair user and he will be giving the Robomow a thorough test from his perspective, so it should make interesting reading. For more on Fred Shed see FRED SHED LINK
Robomow Gets 5 out of 5 from Garden News Magazine

Robomow Gets 5 out of 5 from Garden News Magazine

August 5 2008 GARDEN NEWS 31 TESTEDNo-nonsense reviews of new products. The robotic mower. By Neil Pope, GARDEN NEWS EDITOR

To safely move the mower from or within the working area there is a remote control available as an accessory. The mower is light enough to be lifted manually by using a specially designed carrying handle (right).

Adjusting the height of cutting is a simple task of turning a knob found by lifting up the mowers cover.

On which day and at what time you want the mower to cut the lawn can be programmed. The timing of the next cutting is shown.

There is a single blade. It gives an exceptional cut to the lawn and its edges. The mower works in a criss-cross action to leave a clean finish. Grass clippings are mulched into the lawn.

WOULD you trust a robot to cut your lawn? I did last year and was extremely pleased with the results. Unfortunately, the robotic mower had to be returned to the manufacturer after testing so it was back to manually mowing.

But when I was invited to give its latest model a test, I obviously jumped at the chance.

The Robomow 400 is much smaller than the model I tested last year. Instead of three blades it has one and is over 200 cheaper.

The mower I tested came with its own base station. Its designed to depart from the base station at the pre-set days and times, and at the end of each session it returns for charging until the next scheduled operation. In other words, once the initial set-up is complete, you dont have to do a thing. Your lawn will be cut even when you are away from home.

Robomow requires a one-off simple set-up. A standard electric wire is laid around the outer edges of the lawn with pegs every few metres. The wire, which is connected to the base station, will eventually be covered by grass and become unnoticeable within a matter of weeks.

The Robomow recognises the wire using a special sensor and makes sure it always stays inside the perimeter. I did have one or two minor hiccups on one occasion it careered off into a flowerbed, and on another it crashed into the base station and somehow became wedged against a side panel. But since these things were sorted out, the Robomow has performed well. The cut is exceptional and the grass clippings are mulched back into the lawn itself. Impressive stuff.

TEST NOTES Positives: I was a little concerned that with only one small mower blade, the cut wouldnt be very impressive. But I was soon proved wrong on that score. The cut is exceptional. Another plus point is there are no clippings to collect, and the mulched grass provides nutrients to keep the lawn looking green and healthy. It also takes away the hassle of mowing the lawn, allowing you to get on with other garden tasks.

Negatives: You need to spend a little time to set things up in the first place putting the perimeter wire in place, positioning the base station and connecting everything up. Its worth taking time because once everything is running smoothly, the Robomow takes over.

Verdict: It has to be five out of five even considering the initial teething problems. .What is costs The Robomow 400 (with base station) costs 859 or (without base station) 599. .How to find it Call 0845 123 5844 or visit the website www.mower-magic.


Robomow Setup Guide Part 1

Robomow Setup Guide Part 2

Robomow v Mowbot Feature Chart




Horse Power rating



Size of cut

21” 53cm

12” 30cm

Run time per Charge

2.5 to 4 Hours

 2 to 3 Hours

Navagation System

Compass Driven RoboScan® (onboard navigation system)

Random & Spiral software algorithm

Number of Cutter Blades

X3 with individual mulching decks


Full control Manual Mowing

Yes using handset to drive

Limited control possible

Rain Sensor



Anti collision sensors

360° Touch sensitive pneumatic rubber bumpers

Plastic cover mounted on switches

Toolless  Blade change

YES “Speed fit” Steel blade Snap lock system

No Allen key required (Not supplied)

Toolless height of cut Adjustment

YES X6 twist to set adjuster

No Spanner required (Not Supplied)

Toolless Battery removal

Yes (Exclusive Drop and Go)

No (Dismantling of Robot required)

Maximum Slope

15 degrees

12 degrees (as standard ) spikes avalible

Avg. Cutting Time per Charge

2.5 - 4 Hours

2 - 3 Hours


7 days / 1 per day

7 days / 2X per day

Charge time from totally flat

20 - Hours (trickle charge)

3 - 4 Hours (intensive charge)


22.6kg   Robot + 12.6kg Power Pack

14.4 kg to 16.6 kg

Mowing Height

.75" - 2.5"   Smooth wheels

1.75" - 3.25" Knobbly wheels

.75" - 2.75"

Firmware Upgradeable via Dealer




Lead Acid (Deep cycle Gel)

Lead Acid  and Lithium  


YES (Durable in all weather conditions & UV protected)

YES (During spring & summer season)

Mows outside wheel base

YES Cuts 1.5cm outside the wheels

No Leaves 3cm uncut grass on  sunk boarder edges

Child Guard



Lift Sensor

Yes (stops blades immediately when lifted)

No (Blades continue to rotate for some time if lifted

Unsupervised mowing without

Mains 240v power

Yes (Using mobile Battery powered Perimeter Switch)

No (Mains power required at lawn)

Blade Speed

5800 rpm (Turbo Mulching)

3200 rpm



Spiked or Hooked (Optional)

Noise Level



User Interface

LCD (Intuitive and easy to use menus)



10 Years on Mowing deck

2 Year on Robot
1 Year on Battery

2 Year on Robot
1 Year on Battery

Lay the wire, press go, and relax

Robomow Video Presentation

Sasha and the Robot Love Affair

Robomow on the Martha Show, USA

Showing contrast bewteen cut and not cut
Robomow Edging Demonstration
Robomow Patented Electro Compass Device
Lazing by the pool
Auto Sprayer
Have a drink whilst Robomow works


Put your feet up, relax whilst the robot does the work.
The Two Robots

The Two Robots

Here we see Robomow and Mowbot next to each other.
Paradise - another view
Paradise - near Newark, Notts

Paradise - near Newark, Notts

Hear John Hall from Mower Magic Discuss Robomow on LincsFM

Robomow Gets 10 out of 10 from Garden News Magazine

Robomow Gets 10 out of 10 from Garden News Magazine

Neil Pope from Garden News magazine took the Robomow for a test drive. Read his review in the issue dated 29th August 2007. He gave the machine a rating of 10 out of 10 - "I am won over by the Robomow. Before I saw it in action I thought it was a big gimmick, but it didn't take me long to be convinced of its worth. The prices may seem a little steep but in response to that I would consider buying one for the following reasons:

1. The cut is exceptional
2. There are no grass cuttings to collect
3. It lets you get on with other things or relax
4. It's fun to watch
Rating 10/10
Mower Magic meet the inventor of Robomow

Mower Magic meet the inventor of Robomow

Mower Magic's John & Jez Hall meet Udi Peless from Friendly Robotics, the inventor of Robomow.
Robomow In The Sun

Robomow In The Sun

Robomow featured in Peter Seabrooks column in the Sun, Saturday 1st September 2007.
The RM400 in docking station

The RM400 in docking station

The brand new RM400.
Robomow St George

Robomow St George

A custom paint job for this lucky Robomow.

Hear John Hall from Mower Magic Discuss Robomow on BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Mowselecta !

Mowselecta !

Robomow comes out top of the robot mowers on test by the Mail on Sunday, April 27th 2008. Also on test were the Husqvarna Automower and the Mowbot.

Robomow RM400 Setup Guide Part 1

Robomow RM400 Setup Guide Part 2

Robomow RM200 Setup Guide Part 1

Robomow RM200 Setup Guide Part 2

Hear Jez Hall from Mower Magic Discuss Robomow on BBC Radio Coventry

The shocking story of a lady trying to dispose of some grass cuttings.

The shocking story of a lady trying to dispose of some grass cuttings.

The Daily Mail reports on the councils decision not to take green recycling bins unless the bin men are able to pull them with two fingers. This lady had to take her mass of grass cuttings to the tip herself because the bin men would not take them.

Please note: Robomow will mulch your grass and comb the clippings back into the lawn, thus acting as a mulch fertiliser. There are NO CLIPPLINGS to dispose of with Robomow. Robomow will cut your lawn automatically, even while you are on holiday! And no clippings! Click here to see the article..
Robomow In the Mirror

Robomow In the Mirror

From the Mirror, 4th July 2008. Click here to see the larger image
Developed by a former Israeli Air Force fighter pilot, the Robomow - available from - is probably the ultimate gadget for the time-poor (or just plain lazy*) urban gardener.

As the name suggests it's an automatic lawnmower. While the initial setup took some time - you need to peg down a sensor wire around the lawn which eventually sinks into the ground - once up and running, this super cool cross between R2-D2 and Percy Thrower worked like a charm, eerily zigzagging its way across the lawn while avoiding the flowerbeds.

Not only does it do a great job of cutting the grass while you kick back and crack open a beer, it also chews up the cuttings and nourishes the lawn with them, meaning no more artificial fertilising or composting the clippings.

Pets are naturally terrified of it, but the RM200 does feature an effective sensor to protect animals and small children, along with a rain detector and a clever anti-theft alarm.

It's expensive and cuts the lawn relatively slowly, but as a means of making the neighbours envious, the Robomow is nigh on priceless.

* We say you don't have to be lazy to use Robomow! Robomow is suited to busy people who are away a lot; people with a million other things to do; people who have difficulty with strenuous activity; disabled people; people who appreciate high-end technology - all sorts of different people (lazy or NOT) !

Robomow Promo Video

New RL2000 Robotic Lawnmower

New RL2000 Robotic Lawnmower

The New RL2000 Robotic Lawnmower. The RL2000 replaces the RL1000 with significant improvements in performance and reliability.

* Max recommended lawn area of the RL2000 is 1500-2000m2.

* 20Ah battery for the RL2000 (15% more area coverage).

* New cable system that absolutely detects 'IN' and 'OUT'.

* Perimeter Switch operated by mains through power supply instead of batteries and accessory of rechargeable batteries.