Rock Fall Vulcan Foundry Boots

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Rock Fall Vulcan Foundry Boots

Protective toecap and midsole, Vulcan is a foundry boot developed with specialist durability materials that are certified to withstand molten splashes as high as 1400°C, including FORCE10® components, FR leather and Cotes® FR stitching and Ortholite® climate breathable footbed.

If you are purchasing this boot for industrial use, you may qualify for zero-rated VAT. Click here to read the current government legislation.


Water Repellent Upper:
* If you're working outdoors, or if you're hiking, you need a water resistant layer that performs in difficult conditions. You can rest assured that this footwear will do just that.

* Designed for those working in environments sensitive to static electricity. Anti-static footwear helps to provide a level of resistance to electrical hazards from live circuits.

Highest Level Slip Resistance - SRC Slip Rated:
* Strictly tested to the highest level accredited for slip resistance.

Oil Resistant:
* Resistant to oil, or any other petrochemical substances. If you're working in this sort of environment, you can have peace of mind that your footwear won't weaken as a result of exposure.

Protective Midsole:
* In compliance with the EN 20344 standard, all of our safety footwear include an anti-penetration, steel or composite midsole to keep the sole of your foot free from injury.

Protective Toecap:
* A key feature of any safety footwear, our steel and composite toecaps ensure protection in dangerous working environments. Our toecaps typically resist a force of up to 200 joules.

Cold Insulation:
* Footwear featuring our enhanced cold insulation system is ideal for those working in challenging outdoor conditions. A layer of insulating lining ensures cold protection and moisture absorption.

Heat Resistant Outsole to 300°C:
* If you work in environments that expose you to heat, then you require a certain level of heat resistance from your footwear. Our boots and shoes will protect you in temperatures of up to 300°c.

HI Resistant Outsole to 150°C:
* This boot is Heat Insulation Certified (HIC). This means they can withstand temperatures up to 150°C

Flame Resistant Leather:
* Flame Resistant Leather engineered to withstand the harshest work environments.

Flame Resistant Stitching:
* Flame Resistant Stitching engineered to withstand the harshest work environments.

Flame Resistant Velcro:
* Flame Resistant Velcro engineered to withstand the harshest work environments.

Foundry Boot Certified:
* These boots are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of heavy industry.


* Protective fibreglass toecap and composite anti-penetration flexi-midsole
* Flame retardant black buffalo full grain leather
* Sturdy collar strap for additional comfort and improved fitting
* FORCE10® solid nitrile rubber outsole constructed for extreme durability
* Ortholite® premium enhanced comfort footbed
* Size: UK 5-14
* Safety Spec: EN ISO 20349:2010 S3 HI CI HRO SRC Fe
What goes into making a Rockfall boot? Available from Mower Magic

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