Rock Fall Monzonite Safety Boots

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Rock Fall Monzonite Safety Boots
Rock Fall Monzonite Safety Boots
Rock Fall Monzonite Safety Boots
Rock Fall Monzonite Safety Boots

Product Info

Rock Fall Monzonite Safety Boots

Part of the family of boots designed for longevity, the Monzonite is arguably the most robust high leg Internal Metatarsal Guard boot available in Europe, if not the world. 100% Non-Metallic, developed with specialist durability materials including FORCE10® Components, an Activ-Tex® Membrane, R-Ten thread and Impact Shield Technology.

Protective fibreglass toecap, composite anti-penetration flexi-midsole and internal metatarsal guard
Premium American black full grain waxy leather
FORCE10® components including scuff cap and outsole used for incredible durability
Waterproof and breathable Sympatex® Moisture-Tech membrane
No. 8’ YKK® quick release extreme side zip
UK Size 8 Weight: 1.1kg

100% Non-Metallic Construction
Certain environments require non-metallic footwear, anywhere where magnets are present, or where metal detection systems are in operation. Composite constructed footwear also benefits from being much lighter.

Boots and shoes with this mark are designed for those working in environments sensitive to static electricity. Anti-static footwear helps to provide a level of resistance to electrical hazards from live circuits.

Cold Insulation
Footwear featuring our enhanced cold insulation system is ideal for those working in challenging outdoor conditions. A layer of insulating lining ensures cold protection and moisture absorption.

Heat Resistant Outsole to 300°C
If you work in environments that expose you to heat, then you require a certain level of heat resistance from your footwear. Our boots and shoes will protect you in temperatures of up to 300°c.

HI Resistant Outsole to 250°C
Boots that feature this symbol are all Heat Insulation Certified (HIC). This means they can withstand temperatures up to 250°C

Highest Level Slip Resistance - SRC Slip Rated
Strictly tested to the highest level accredited for slip resistance.

Internal Digging Plate
Internal Digging Plate for reinforced midsole structure, providing ultimate underfoot stability on uneven terrain and delivering enhanced protection by, reducing the force and impact into the wearer’s foot from spade and shovel work.

Large Sizes Available 14+
Our footwear caters for people of all foot sizes, if you see this symbol, then we stock this shoe, or boot, in sizes up to 14.

Metatarsal Protection
An internal fitting in a selection of our footwear that provides further protection to your feet. Falling objects are a health and safety risk in many working environments, and this extra protection could be vital.

Oil Resistant
Footwear showing this symbol is resistant to oil, or any other petrochemical substances. If you’re working in this sort of environment, you can have peace of mind that your footwear won’t weaken as a result of exposure.

Protective Midsole
In compliance with the EN 20344 standard, all/most of our safety footwear include an anti-penetration, steel or composite midsole to keep the sole of your foot free from injury.

Protective Toecap
A key feature of any safety footwear, our steel and composite toecaps ensure protection in dangerous working environments. Our toecaps typically resist a force of up to 200 joules.

Water Repellent Upper
If you’re working outdoors, or if you’re hiking, you need a water resistant layer that performs in difficult conditions. You can rest assured that footwear with this symbol will do just that.

Waterproof Membrane
Our range of hiking and safety footwear often feature an Activ-Tex® waterproof membrane for increased protection from water. If that’s what you’re looking for, look out for this symbol.

Zip Fastening
When you see this icon, you know that the footwear is easy to take on and off with a useful zip fastening.

These boots are exempt of VAT.

Product Type: Clothing, Sub Type: Safety Boot , 05/02/2018