SOLO 433 High Pressure Petrol Backpack Sprayer 20 Litre / Honda GX25 Engine

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SOLO 433 High Pressure Petrol Backpack Sprayer 20 Litre / Honda GX25 Engine   is fitted with a quality Honda Engine.
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SOLO 433 High Pressure Petrol Backpack Sprayer 20 Litre / Honda GX25 Engine

The SOLO 433 high pressure sprayers features a 4-stroke engines with plenty of power: The adjustable operating pressure of the push-pull piston pump reaches up to 30 bar, enabling this unit to deliver the finest spray – even high up at a flow rate of up to 2.4 l/min. Long periods in use without refilling are ensured by a nominal capacity of 20 l.

A practical drain connector underneath the tank enables complete draining of any leftover liquid. The SOLO 433 is equipped with a 50 cm stainless steel spray wand and a pressure gauge on the sturdy handle, which allows the pressure to be adjusted for any application. Supplied with a high quality twin nozzle, with stainless steel nozzle discs. With the right accessories you can discover the powerful advantages of this motorised sprayer.

Quality is the distinguishing feature in a highly competitive market - the Solo brand is the symbol of constant effort to produce durable equipment. Technology of the future applied today complies with all EU standards. Solo develop, produce and distribute machines for use in the forest and for the garden, as well as for general landscape preservation.

Additional information
* Honda GX25 4 Stroke Engine
* Capacity: 20 Litres
* Spray pressure bar max.: 30/ 450 Psi
* Stainless Steel Lance
* Weight: 9.8 kg
Barcode / EAN: 4015966433034
SOLO 433 High Pressure Petrol Backpack Sprayer 20 Litre / Honda GX25 Engine   from Mower Magic

This mower is fitted with a Honda GX25 Engine
Why Buy Honda?
This mower features Honda GX25 Power Curve Data - Honda GX25 Tech Spec - Honda GX25

Solo Sprayers from Mower Magic

The tradition of protecting and caring for plants and plantations goes right back to the early days of the company itself. It was founded over 70 years ago in 1948, in the wine producing area around Stuttgart. The plant protection sector soon became one of the applications for the small and lightweight two-stroke engine.

At the time, the fledgling business still traded under the name "Kleinmotoren GmbH". Vineyard owners in and around Stuttgart were justifiably impressed by how much easier their work became as a result of this new generation of appliances. This innovation finally made it possible for someone to work on their own, that is to say "solo". It also explains how the current brand name came into being in the early days of this family-run business. Today, the company is run by the second generation of the same family.

All that followed is closely linked to the name SOLO: mobile plant protection technology that enjoys the best of reputations all around the world, be it in German gardens, the vineyards of France, cocoa plantations in Africa, cotton fields in Asia and coffee plantations in South America. SOLO appliances are also used to disinfect larger buildings. In order to meet these diverse requirements, the range of plant protection appliances from SOLO provides everything you might need from small, manually operated 1 litre sprayers to high performance backpack misters with large tank and powerful two-stroke engines. An extensive range of accessories rounds off our plant protection appliances.

Four tips to help you choose the right product

Pressure sprayer or backpack sprayer?
The answer to this question often depends on the size of the area to be treated. If it's on the small side, a pressure sprayer with shoulder strap will suffice. For larger areas, backpack sprayers are more suitable as they are comfortable to carry and have a larger capacity. All that is left to decide is whether you want to operate the pump manually or let a battery or petrol driven unit do the work for you.

Tall plants?
If you need to treat tall plants, you should use extension wands. They will help you reach the right places and apply the medium more accurately. As well as being made of plastic material, spray wands are also available in robust brass or even ultra-light carbon. The telescopic carbon spray wand, which can be extended up to 230 cm, weighs just 160 g. This protects the operator's joints even during longer working periods.

Liquid or solid?
All SOLO sprayers are designed for applying liquid media. However, the nozzles vary depending on the application: flat spray nozzles for ground spraying, hollow cone nozzles for individual plants, insecticides and fungicides. Herbicides are best applied with deflector nozzles. With solid granulate, SOLO 421 is the product of choice. It distributes the medium evenly over the required area and can also be used in winter to apply gritting salt to pathways.

When to use a mister rather than a sprayer?
In large scale agricultural plantings, orchards, horticulture, vineyards and in many other cultivated plant stocks around the world, it is crucial for the media to successfully reach and penetrate the crops. SOLO power misters are designed to accomplish precisely this. They generate a powerful air flow which splits the plant protection medium into fine mist to cover all the required parts of the plant effectively.

Solo Sprayers for Mower Magic

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