Sherpa Petrol Wheeled Leaf Vacuum + HOSE KIT BUNDLE

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Sherpa Petrol Wheeled Leaf Vacuum + HOSE KIT BUNDLE

HOSE KIT INCLUDED. From Sherpa Tools, this is an excellent value domestic Petrol Wheeled Leaf Vaccum. It has a working width of 58cm and is powered by a 159cc Loncin petrol engine.

This wheeled leaf collector comes complete with a multipurpose collection bag - made from heavy duty fabric with solid base and rear facing zipped opening flap for easy emptying. It also has two side opening exhaust vents which allow for increased air flow through the bag if needed.

Inside this machine is a four-blade steel impeller - this metal blade will really reduce the debris collected into manageable volumes.

The Sherpa Petrol Wheeled Leaf Vacuum is fitted with a 159cc Loncin petrol engine is proven reliable technology and is very easy to start and maintain. For your comfort the Central Height Control has a Rubberised handle grip and the main handle is Foam Padded.

A Hose Kit hanging bar included for use with the optional hose kit. This makes it simple to store hose kit on the machine while working, and swapping between functions. Unlike most other wheeled vacuums, the optional hose kit can be used as both a vacuum, but also as a blower hose. This is due to a clever rear port where you can either connect the collection bag, or hose kit). This makes machine one of the most versatile wheeled vacuums around.

All in all an extremely capable machine at an attractive price from Sherpa Tools.

Features Sherpa Tools Wheeled Leaf Vacuum STWV58L:
* Central Height Control with Rubberised handle grip
* Easy Starting
* Edge Guide Wheels
* Foam Padded Handle
* Hybrid Construction - Heavy Duty Plastic Vacuum Chute paired with Steel Impeller Housing
* Balanced for easy manoeuvring
* Folding Handles
* Multipurpose collection bag
* Easy emptying
* Hose kit hanging bar included

Specification Sherpa Tools Wheeled Leaf Vacuum STWV58L:
* 58cm Working Width
* 150L Collection Bag
* 5 Blade Steel Impeller (See pic below)
* 159cc Loncin Engine (4-stroke)
* Engine: Loncin LC1P65FC
* Engine Power: 2.7 Kw
* Engine Emissions: 159 cm³
* Fuel Tank Capacity 1 L
* Oil Capacity 0.55 L
* Engine Speed 3400 r/min
* Suction Height 15 - 50mm
* Suction Air Velocity 26 m/s
* Air Outlet Speed 43 m/s
* Guarantee sound pressure level 87 dB(A)
* Sound power level 105 dB(A)
* Vibration 5.0 m/s2
* Maximum Working Slope Angle 20 Degrees
* Start Recoil / Throttle Control
* Machine Size (LxWxH) 1305 X 602 X 1080mm (620mm High when handle folded and hose hanging bracket removed for storage)
* Net weight 41.5 Kg
* Gross weight 44.5 Kg
* Nominal power: 2.88kw
* 2 Year Warranty

Sherpa Petrol Wheeled Leaf Vacuum 58cm / 159cc

Sherpa Petrol Wheeled Leaf Vacuum 58cm / 159cc

Heavy Steel Impeller - Sherpa Petrol Wheeled Leaf Vacuum 58cm / 159cc

See how the Sherpa Petrol Wheeled Leaf Vacuum STWV58L compares to Little Billy Goat LB352

Independent Feedback from Mr Barber, Aldershot, November 2018:
"With all of the wet and windy weather of late, today, once the rain had stopped, gave me a chance to put it, and me, through its paces.  Taking into account the 22 years of using a Billy Goat I found the Sherpa:

* Much easier to start
* Able to cope much better with twigs, small bits, pine "leaves" and beech nut shells drawn up with the leaves
* No gravel etc was sucked up and thus no debris left in the throat of the vacuum
* The bag, being nylon rather than felt and with a back, rather than side, zip was much easier to empty
* There were no bits clinging to the inside or to the bottom of the bag
* The hard bottom to the bag meant that it did not drag on the ground when fairly full of wet leaves  
* The extra width of the vacuum coupled with the larger bag enabled the job to be done about 15% quicker
* The Sherpa size is close to the Billy Goat KV 600 which is only 600 more than the Sherpa!!
* The single height adjustment lever is much easier to use than the four separate ones on the Billy Goat 

The only thing for me to be careful of is not letting the very large bag get too full of wet leaves as it becomes rather heavy to push.

So all in all, I am delighted with the Sherpa and look forward to another 22 years of collecting leaves easily.  That will require me to contact you again when I am 96!.

Independent Feedback from Mr R. Aldershot, November 2018:
"I have taken delivery of a Sherpa Leaf Vacuum and am delighted with it. I have used a Billy Goat for 22 years and it was coming to the end of its useful life. The Sherpa has a much larger bag and, being nylon, is much easier to empty than the felt B G bag. The bag double zip is much better positioned being either side of the rectangular bag back - whereas the B G had a single zip at the side/bottom of the bag which meant it was strained when fairly full. 

The bag has a much more rigid bottom than the B G making it very much easier to clean out the last remnants of leaf litter - no more bits clinging to the felt. The single height adjustment lever is easy to use and I much prefer it to the multiple adjusters on the B G, It copes much better with twigs and small branches that get into leaves at this time of year. I have used the Sherpa on my extensive gravel drive and it picks up just the leaves and not the gravel. It does this rather better than the BG did. The Sherpa is excellent value for money being about 60% less than the equivalent sized B G - the KV 600.

All round excellent value - quality will tell over time - and the service from the team at Mower Magic was first class throughout the questioning, procurement and delivery. Many thanks team for an excellent product and first class customer service."

Independent Feedback from Mr B Gudger, November 2018:
!!<<pre>"Need to say a great big a GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO Mower Magic for a an unbeatable service, Both for delivery & quality of the SHERPA WHEELED LEAF VACUUM, My wife & myself are both retired and not able to sweep up like we used to so the Sherpa leaf vacuum has stopped us being buried in a mountain of leaves & rubbish. Ounce more thank you. M & B"

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Sherpa Petrol Wheeled Leaf Vacuum + HOSE KIT BUNDLE from Mower Magic

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