Sherpa Power Barrow



    August 2009 + Feb 2010 - Mr R Bush writes: I thought I would drop you a line to say how fantastic the Sherpa is. Your website video sells it rather short and gives no idea of its true potential... I have just used mine to carry most of an entire large tree 200 yards uphill along a very narrow, slippery and tortuous sheep track in the Yorkshire Dales. I estimate each load of trunk sections and logs weighed about 70/80 lbs and the Sherpa powered up the hill without any effort or slipping on the wet leaves. I must have made about 30 trips or more with the battery still going strong on one charge when I'd finished. I am no strong man and 62 years old so this barrow is going to make my life a lot easier for heavy jobs such as these from now on.

    Before I purchased the Sherpa I was very keen to know what the actual capabilities of the Sherpa were in terms of battery life and ability to power up hills. My first thoughts being - 'Battery powered? Can't have much pulling power and the battery is probably going to run flat quite quickly if worked too hard.' Here are the facts relating to the heavy hauling job I use my Sherpa for - ferrying large freshly-cut and heavy logs up a narrow and rough sheep-track (only 30 cms wide in some places with a sheer drop on one side and a 45 degree slope on the other a climb of around 60 feet over a distance of some 200 metres:

    1. On a single battery charge the Sherpa was still going strong after 30, heavily laden uphill trips
    2. It coped with loads of around 50 kg without need to push - the logs in the picture are heavier than they look!
    3. My only input was to steer and balance the load
    4. The rear castor wheels easily removed, necessary due to the track being so narrow and tortuous
    5. Disk brake essential for taking the Sherpa back down the slope
    6. The Flat-bed tray even better than the wheelbarrow tray for holding awkward shaped logs and I could see the front wheel for precise steering
    7. Chunky pneumatic tyre had plenty of grip for the slippery and bumpy conditions
    8. Side and front rails easily removed to give a completely flat load area
    9. Only four bolts to undo to swap over tray with flatbed
    10. Really solid construction can cope with all of the conditions I have put it through and should see me out!

    September 2012 - Mr R. Blay writes: "I purchased a Sherpa Electric wheelbarrow from Mower Magic in 2011 and my father, who has a progressive neurological disorder affecting his gait and balance, has now been using the barrow for a full year. The 3 wheels and tray tipping mechanism provide operational stability in circumstances where a normal barrow would tip over. Meanwhile, the brake and progressive motorised function provide assistance with ascending and descending hills and negotiating rough ground. This electric wheelbarrow has become an essential aid to garden access and mobility and maintained an important aspect of my father's quality of life that would otherwise be largely lost by now. Close to 500 for a wheelbarrow seemed somewhat expensive upon purchasing the wheelbarrow in 2011, but it doesn't seem nearly so expensive a year later."
    Yours faithfully R. Blay

    Sherpa Powerbarrow with flatbed carrying heavy logs

    Update fron Mr Bush, January 2013:I felt I had to write to you again to sing the praise of the electric wheelbarrow which I purchased from you in April 2009. You used a video of me on your website ferrying heavy logs up a sheep track here in the Yorkshire Dales. I looked at your website again recently and spotted Alan Titchmarsh modelling one with a chevron tread patterned front tyre. Grip on a grassy slope was the only problem I had with my model. Having purchased a chevron treaded tyre I have to say that the wheelbarrow is unstoppable now on even really boggy ground and uphill too. I am still trundling heavy loads of logs up hill with the aid of the flatbed tray you sent me although I found that I had to extend it even further forward to put the weight of my logs right over the front wheel. It's an even more brilliant machine now with the new tyre.