NutriGrow Spring Lawn Granulated Fertiliser 25kg

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NutriGrow Spring Lawn Granulated Fertiliser 25kg

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NutriGrow Spring Lawn Granulated Fertiliser 25kg

Nutrigrow Spring & Summer fertiliser is ideal for any grass area from sports fields to fine lawns. This is a quality, fast acting spreadable compound fertiliser with 2-3mm granules which offers an excellent spreading pattern.

Having a lush & healthy lawn enables it to with stand many lawn issues, such as weeds, moss growth, disease and drought. You can expect the nutrients to be released slowly over a 6 week period which avoids any rapid top growth and repeated mowing. Apply by hand or through a spreader in mid-season on areas subject to intense use.

Benefits include
* 6 weeks longevity
* Turf Response is seen within 7 days
* Granule Dispersal takes on average 4-5 days
* Ideal balance of NPK to strengthen turf.
* High Phosphate and Potash levels to encourage harder growth and better root development.
* Granules provide ease of application and an even distribution.
* True compounds with each granule containing the desired spread of nutrients.
* Ensures even growth, quality and colour over the whole area and prevents the unsightly specking effects.
* Versatile application rates, as low as 35g/sq.m enabling one bag to cover 714sq.m making them very economical.

Our Recommendation
* When applying, ensure you get even coverage - consider our Fertiliser Spreaders
* Avoid mowing for 3-4 days either side of treatment.

* Brand: Nutrigrow
* Active Ingredient: 9% Nitrogen, 7% Phosphate & 7% Potassium
* Fertiliser Spreading Rate: 35-70g per m2
* Pack Size Coverage: Up to 750m2
* Pack Size: 25kg
* Application Method(s): Spread by Hand, Spreader
* Area of Use: Lawn, Sports Turf
* Safe For Use On: Grass, Lawns, Sports Turf
* Period Of Use: March, April, May, June, July, August, September