Swift Cordless Grass Trimmer (Kit) 40v

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Swift Cordless Grass Trimmer (Kit) 40v includes the battery and charger.
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Swift Cordless Grass Trimmer (Kit) 40v

Your garden’s not going to know what’s hit it. The Swift Cordless Grass Trimmer has been engineered to be able to handle any green that’s thrown its way. And that’s from trimming long, wet grass, down to finely manicuring the borders of your lawn. Incredible run time- up to 1 hour 20 minutes. The bladed system makes it easy to exchange cutting blades, but also delivers improved cut, lower vibration and noise.

The Swift 40v Cordless grass trimmer is the tool you need for keepign those edges and borders looking good, ergonomically designed comfort loop handle for handling and precision trimming and lighweight make this ideal for anyone to use.

It has a 25cm cutting width and has a couple of safety features ensure accidents can be avoided the first being a safety switch and the second a guard to protect you from any flying bit of debris. The nylon blade cutting system offers a sharper cleaner cut edge, whilst the metal shaft provides stability. The metal shaft can be seperated for easy transportation and storage.

Features and Specifications of Swift Cordless Grass Trimmer Kit:
* 25cm cutting width- No grass will escape your wide reaching trimmer
* Edging function- Keep your garden tidy and your borders tidier
* Lightweight- Easy to lift, hard to put down
* Compact design- A ton of tech in a tiny place
* Safety switch- Means that accidents can be avoided
* Safety guard- Blade protection to keep you safe and sound
* Nylon blade cutting system- A sharper edge for a cleaner cut
* Metal shaft- A solid sturdy base
* Split shaft compact transport- Half the size, twice as easy to transport
* Comfort loop handle- Control’s never been more comfortable
* Single lever control- The power is in your hand (not hands)
* Ergonomic forearm support- For comfort, balance and easy trimming
* 2 Year Warranty

Swift Warranty Policy
The warranty on your Swift cordless tools is 24 months, and 12 months for the battery from date of purchase. By registering the products on Swift.com the warranty will be expanded by a further 12 months.

Swift Cordless Grass Trimmer (Kit) 40v from Mower Magic

Swift Garden Machinery from Mower Magic

Swift are passionate about making gardening an absolute joy for everyone, whether you dabble a little just to keep it all tidy, or youre a full-blown, dedicated professional.

Their next generation tools are built for the 21st Century and beyond. Designed with the gardener in mind and built from the heart, with a unique combination of freedom, ergonomics and power.

We think Swift have thought of everything, constantly questioning how todays garden tools are designed. All this means that a lot of the tech loaded into every Swift tool is pioneering in its own right, every single element designed to make gardening as easy and comfortable as possible.

One battery. Thats all anyone should ever need. Its easier on the pocket that way. Swift decided to power all our tools with one battery, and also decided it should be one hell of a power unit.

The sophisticated 40v battery pack gives all our tools serious oomph. It uses smart technology to communicate with the tool and the charger and has enough juice in one charge to cover 250m2.

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Product Type: Grass Trimmer, Sub Type: Trimmer / Edger, Power: Battery, Rating: 40v , Kit/Bare: Full Kit inc. Battery / Charger 4.0