The NEW Oregon SpeedLoad System

  • Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System Trimmer Head - Universal / Straight / Large-Pro

    Oregon | Ref: 24-550

    This is the Pro Version - Large. The superb Oregon Gator SpeedLoad trimmer head for straight-shaft trimmer-brushcutters of 33cc or greater only. This cutting system has been designed for use with Gator SpeedLoad disc shaped lines to speed up loading trimmer lines. This professional head is aimed at powerful straight shaft petrol grass trimmers from the likes of Echo, Husqvarna and Stihl. It comes with a set of common washers (shown in pic). Check out the video.

    This will attach to your straight-shaft brushcutter using the fitting you already have, along with possible use of the spaces included.

    This professional universal Tap & Go trimmer head gives fast line advancement, suitable for most straight-shaft shaft brushcutter-trimmers of 33cc or greater.

    Gator® Speedload has been tested for more than a year by numerous professionals in different markets across the world, including one of the largest US landscaping companies. This revolutionary product received unanimously great feedback.

    With Gator® Speedload you benefit from a fast, easy & durable solution. With a unique DISC that simply pops into place, you can replace trimmer line in as little as 20 seconds.

    Gator® SpeedLoad DISCS last up to 2x longer than typical line. Which means you’ll spend more time on the job and less time reloading line.

    * Fastest loading system ever: Reduce the whole process to a few seconds
    * Easy to open without tools: open the head, place the disc, close the head
    * Durable glass fiber head with no loose parts
    * Dimensions(LxWxH): Large size, TBC
    * Weight: 0.45kg
    * Comes complete with one disc of line - order more by ticking the checkbox
    * Read the bumpf

    Machines this head is known to fit:

    B32, B 32 D, B 33 D, B 42, B 42 D, B 44 D, B 52, B 52 D, TB 320, TB 320 D, TB 420

    BC 410 II, BC4125 II, BC 4535 II

    MS-330 C, MS-330 U, MS-331 C, MS-331 U, MS-335.4 C, MS-335.4 U, MS-340, MS-352.4 R, MS-430.4 C, MS.430 U, MS-3310, MS-4010, MS-4510, MS-4300.4 U, MS4300.4 R, MS-34 U, MS-34 C, MS-4520 C, MS-4520 U, MS-4520 B, MS-5700 C, MS-5700 U, MS-5700 B

    CLS-5000, SRMF-340 U, SRMF-340 L, SRM-350 ESL, SRM-350 ESU, SRM-410 ES, SRM-420 ES, SRM-420 ESU, SRM-420 TES, SRM-510 ES, SRM-510 TES, SRM-520 ES, SRM-520 ESU, SRM-580, CLS-5800, CLS-5810, BCLS-510 ES, BCLS-580

    135R, 142RB, 142RJ, 143R, 153R, 152RJ, 235FR, 236R, 240F, 240L, 240R, 241R, 243RJ, 250R, 253RJ, 333R, 333R(J), 525L, 525LS535FX(T), 535LS, 535RJ, 535RX(T), 543RX, 545FX(T), 553RS, 555FX(T), 555RX(T)

    BC 2235, CC2235, GC 2236, GC 2043, BC 2043, FC 2245, CC2245, BC 2053, GC 2053, BP 2053, FC 2256, FC 2256 W, BC 2256

    C350, T350, C3410, T3410, B410S, B410TS, T410S, T410TS, B450, B450R, B510S, B530, BP35, BP40LA, BP510S, BP520S, BP530

    120, 134, 137, 140, 141, 142, 154, 111B, 111L, 118B, 118L, 130H, 135B, 135L, 145B, 145L

    FS106, FS108, FS110, FS120, FS130, FS160, FS180, FS200, FS240, FS250, FS220, FS260, FS280, FS300, FS310, FS350, FS360, FS400,FS410, FS450, FS460, FS480, FS490, FS500, FS510, FS560, FR85, FR106, FR108, FR130T, FR350, FR410, FR450, FR460, FR480
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    Total Magic Price:29.99

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  • Oregon SpeedLoad Trimmer Line 3 Discs x 2.4mm (Large)

    Oregon | Ref: 24-595-03

    Pack of 3 discs of 2.4mm line for the Gator SpeedLoad system.

    * Large Size
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    Total Magic Price:7.00