Truncator Saw Horse Log Cutting System 4-Fold

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Truncator Saw Horse Log Cutting System 4-Fold

The Multi Award Winning Truncator® Saw Horse. The Truncator® sawhorse is an innovative log-cutting sawhorse that saves you time and effort. The Truncator is made from recycled car battery plastic.. All Truncators have the same patented tipping cup system. You simply position the cups apart to get the required log length your require. In fact we have some chainsaw operators who have one half of the truncator cup widths set for their wood-burning stove and the other half different for the open fire! You have complete control and flexibility over the size of log you can cut.

The Truncator cups are made from recycled car battery plastic. They will not damage the chainsaw blade if accidentally cut into. If you do damage the cup you can simply order a new one.

Truncator Sawhorse Log Cutting System Special Features:
* Cuts multiple logs at a time, quickly and safely.
* Log-cup tipping mechanism - tip straight into a trailer, tractor bucket or wheelbarrow, so no manual handling of logs (great for those with bad backs).
* Adjustable trestle height.
* You can cut any size of log you want
* Truncator® Tipping Cups

How does the Truncator work?

The sawhorse is filled with multiple pieces of timber, then the timber is cut down the slots between each cup. The cups are a set distance apart, reliably giving you the same length of log every time you cut. Each cup has a tipping mechanism, which allows you to tip your logs straight into trailers, tractor buckets, wheelbarrows etc.

What are the benefits of Truncator over a standard sawhorse?

Multiple logs can be cut at once, saving you a huge amount of time. The tipping mechanism on each cup allows you to tip the logs straight into a container, so you don't have to manually handle the logs. Not only does this save time collecting and transferring cut logs to a container, but it also saves your back.

The Truncator is available now from Mower Magic.

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