Viano Universal Lawn Feed Fertiliser - 20kg

Ref: UNI-FERT-20KG - Mo Bacter     

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Viano Universal Lawn Feed Fertiliser - 20kg

Organic fertilisers are made from a wide variety of naturally occurring organic materials which all release their nutrients after different periods of time giving your lawn a consistent feed over a twelve week period.

Universal Lawn Feed has effective ingredients of nitrogen, phosphate and potash + magnesium of 7-5-8 + 3 and is ideal for keeping your lawn healthy and green throughout the growing season giving you a lawn for the whole family to enjoy.

That is why we call it Lawn Comfort Food. Universal Lawn Feed Fertilizer comes in 20kg bags (granular form) which covers 200 square meters.

Features Viano Universal Lawn Feed Fertiliser - 20kg:
Destroy Moss: No
Consume Thatch: No
Release Time: 3 Months Slow Release
Application: Granular
Coverage: 200 m2