Webb Electric Grass Trimmer Edger 650w / 29cm ELT650

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Webb Electric Grass Trimmer Edger 650w / 29cm ELT650

Offering range-topping power from a 650w motor and boasting thick 1.6mm cutting-line, this high-performance mains-electric strimmer from UK garden-machinery experts Webb will take overgrown grass in its stride! Features include a telescopic shaft and an adjustable head that confer excellent comfort and versatility. The Webb WEELT650 comes with a 10-metre power-lead and weighs just 2.95kg.

Enjoy the ideal combination of powerful performance and lightweight handling with the attractively-priced Webb WEELT650 Electric Grass-Trimmer! It's ideal for tidying along wall-lines and around trees and will make putting the post-mowing finishing-touches to your lawn a fast, hassle-free operation.

The top-of-the-line Webb WEELT650 boasts a sizeable 29cm cutting-path that optimises productivity by ensuring every sweep of the line-head will cover lots of ground.

It's equipped with a lengthy 10-metre mains-cable that means you'll be able to work in the furthest reaches of your garden without having to fiddle around with extensions; and it's fitted with a flower-protector that facilitates safe strimming in close proximity to plants.

The Webb WEELT650 features a telescopic handle (0-20cm) that works to confer maximum operational-comfort for gardeners of any height.

A 90° adjustable cutter-head - with a highly productive 29cm working-width - provides the ideal working-angle for edge- and border-trimming; while an auto-feed system does away with the need to attend directly to the head when fresh line is required - instead, the line is automatically advanced to the correct length each time you switch on!

Also featured is an effort-saving guide-wheel that makes it possible to accurately follow your desired cutting-path. This ultra-lightweight machine comes-in at a minimal 2.95kg.

Webb Garden Power products have been designed by utilising many years of experience gained within the U.K. The expertise of Webb over 79 years has been crafted into every product to ensure delivery of a compressive range of mowers and other machinery capable of tackling some of the most demanding gardening chores.

Webb is synonymous for quality, innovation and performance.

Every product within the Webb range undergoes a great deal of scrutiny and design modifications to ensure customers expectations are met and the optimum results can be achieved. Webb stands for Quality, reliability and reassurance and it is a goal to ensure every customer has an enjoyable experience when using any of the Webb products.

The Webb range of products covers the different needs of our customers whether machinery is required for smaller garden types to large luxurious gardens, regardless of the application, Webb have the solution.

Carries a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Features Webb Electric Grass Trimmer Edger 650w / 29cm ELT650
* 29cm Cutting Width
* Power: Electric/ 650 Watts
* 650 Watt Motor
* Auto-Feed Cutting Head
* 1.6mm Nylon Line
* 10 Metre Power Cable
* 0-20cm Telescopic Handle
* 90° Rotating Head
* Guide Roller
* Flower Guard
* Weight: 2.5kg
* 1 Year Warranty
Barcode / EAN: 5055661901697
Webb Electric Grass Trimmer Edger 650w / 29cm  ELT650  from Mower Magic