• Welcome To BigMow

    Welcome To BigMow

    World's leading robot for big areas. Bigmow is used on outfields all over Europe, Japan and in the USA.

    With the ability to cut areas up to 20,000 m2 to 25,000 m2 Bigmow grooms gardens, the grounds of stately homes and companies, immaculately.

    It is also used for special applications such as grass farms and water reservoirs. The robotic mower’s low power consumption means that it beats all the records for energy savings and generates ‘0’ Emissions.

    The Bigmow can do what little robots can't.

    It mows sports grounds or large gardens in a few hours when they are not in use.

    A perfect cut quality is obtained thanks to five floating heads, which adapt perfectly to the contours of the terrain.

    Its all powerful, robust design means it rarely becomes stuck on challenging areas.

    BigMow is extremely cost-effective as it is much cheaper than conventional ride on mowers or using several small robots with a lower performance specification. The BigMow emits only 58 dB so it can be operated effectively in environments where noise is an issue.

    Bigmow Features

    No Hassle Setup
    AMS technicians will come out and deal with all aspects of the installation and leave you with a fully commissioned and operating solution.

    Remote Controlled
    The autonomous mower can be programmed via your mobile. You can send requests to stop/start the mower via SMS. The robot will also send you a SMS alert if there are any malfunctions.

    Belrobotics BigMow robotic mowers, are made of robust materials and can mow in all conditions if the grass is growing.

    Malfunction Alert
    The exclusive Track & Trace system immediately sends an SMS message to warn the owner and the AMS control centre of any operating error. Via the Track & Trace system, you can download the history and manage your robot, or even a whole fleet of robots.

    Theft Alert
    If the Track & Trace system detects a suspicious removal from the mowing area, it sounds the alarm and tracks the robot's position via GPS. The autonomous mower is enabled by a secret code to prevent its use by unauthorised persons.

    The Perfect Cut
    The BigMow has stainless steel cutting blades (three blades per head) sharp as a scalpel, that guarantee a perfect cut, without stressing the grass. These blades retract when an obstacle is detected. This unique system avoids any risk of accidental injury to an adult, child or animal.

    Safe In All Positions
    Thanks to the integrated sensor technology, obstacles and larger objects are automatically detected on contact, and avoided. If the automatic lawnmower is lifted up, the blade system switches off in a matter of seconds.

    Fully Charged
    Belrobotics robotic mowers are powered by Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, the latest generation of batteries. It’s energy density is three items higher than classic batteries. It also has a much higher number of charging cycles, which increases the longevity. These batteries supply a higher power and can be charged very quickly (between 50 & 90 min).

    Autonomous Working
    The autonomous robot mows in random mode without any need for supervision. The robot mows the entire lawn three to five times per week. Programming of time slots and mowing frequencies. Looking up the operation history and productivity calculations.

    All Terrain Ability
    On a clear surface, Belrobotics autonomous mowers quickly mow a large area. This speed adapts automatically to any obstacles. The wheels, with non-skid treads, combined with powerful motors, provide the effortless solution for difficult terrain and slopes of up to 45%. On a flat surface, Belrobotics mowers have a high cruising speed, so they can mow large surfaces quickly and safely.

  • BigMow Specification

    BigMow Specification

    Max. mowing area: 20.000 m2
    Mowing width: 1050 mm
    Number of heads: 5
    Number of blades: 15
    Speed: 3.6 km/h
    Battery type: LIFePo4
    Standard battery capacity: 15 Ah
    More powerful battery options: (Ah) 24
    Battery voltage: 26.4 V
    Charging time: Approx 75 min
    Average annual consumption: 830 kWh
    Anti-theft safety feature: Yes
    Max. noise: 58dB
    Monitoring: Track & Trace + SMS Included
    Weight: (kg) 51 kg
    Dimensions: 120cm x 120cm x 50cm (Length x Width x Height)
    Low cut – minimum: 22 mm
    High cut – maximum: 80 mm
    Standard max. Slope 30%
    Max. slope with option (Kit): 45%
    Sonar: Yes
    Adaptive mowing: Standard
    Multizone: Yes
    Obstacle sonar: Yes
    Fleet management system: Yes
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