Chainsaws & Pruners

  • Which type of chainsaw should I buy?

    Have a little think about the types of chores you will be doing with the chainsaw. How often are you likely to want to use it? For quick odd jobs about the property, you might just need what is termed a "Hobby" chainsaw. If you are likely to be using it near to your property you might consider an electric chainsaw; if you are going further away then a petrol version will be better, but will require more maintenance. Also what type of wood are you going to cut - hardwood needs a bit more grunt!
  • Chainsaw Safety

    The number one concern of the chainsaw user should be safety. You should always invest in chainsaw safety clothing and protection - it could be the wisest money you could ever spend! We advise the following:

    1. Take your time - there's no rush.
    2. Read the instructions - and make sure you understand them!
    3. Chainsaw use is not a spectator sport - keep everyone well away whilst you are working.
    4. Aways use both hands to hold the chainsaw firmly.
    5. Position the saw so your body is clear of the line of cut to avoid injury from kickback
    6. Always wear safety clothing - goggles, ear defenders, helmet, gloves, chaps etc
    7. Consider enrolling on a chainsaw users course.
    8. Invest in a sharpening device - file or grinder. A chain goes blunt quickly and a sharp chain makes a massive difference.
  • Did You Know... Chainsaws...?

    Did You Know... Chainsaws...?

    Did you know... Andreas Stihl, a German mechanical engineer, patented the "Cutoff Chain Saw for Electric Power" in 1926. Stihl was born in 1896 and founded a company for steam boiler prefiring systems in Cannstatt near Stuttgart. He developed the first chain saw in the same year, 1926. Later, the first gasoline-powered chain saw was patented - the tree-felling machine (1929). These were the first successful patents for hand-held mobile chain saws designed for woodcutting. Andreas Stihl is most frequently credited as being the inventor of the mobile, motorised, chain saw - what we recognize as the modern chain saw today.